The Gen-X Dilemma: Too Many Options? – Free Essay Sample

It’s a crisis that Gen-X understands all to well. What do we do with our lives? We talk to our friends, our families, and our teachers, and we still can’t answer that question. Some want to be a biochemical-journalist-artist, whereas others have a hard time trying to think of even one option that fits our needs. So why is it that our generation has such a dilemma in choosing our lives? The answer is that there are too many doors to open. We feel like if we close one door, it’s nearly impossible to ever get it back. In my generation’s terminology, we tend to have “FOMO,” or “Fear of Missing Out” on newer, better options.

We are, inevitably, opportunists. And why shouldn’t we be? We’ve been told since birth, from our earlier millennials, that we can be whatever we choose. Doctor? Sure. Rocket scientist? Fine. Tea leaf grower? Go for it.

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So although it may not be comfortable knowing that we have so many options, it’s also just as comforting to know that we have the choice to pick multiple paths! We aren’t forced into working in family farms or being housewives anymore. Even though uncertainty seems daunting and frightening, it’s a beautiful risk that only Generation X experiences. The economy is chancy, education is variable, and more divergent paths are being created each day. According to the Freelancer’s Union, nearly 54 million Americans are now freelancers; working independently away from the daily grind. This shift may be insecure, but the rewards are irreplaceable.

The freedom to create a future is something invaluable.