The Hidden Curriculum

The best time to shape a character of a person is at the early age. A child has a right to have the best character. Both teachers and parents should be involved in the moral development of a child.

They both should take part in creating the better personality. The involvement of a teacher in the development of child’s character does not infringe on any parent’s right. In fact, parents do not have rights to control each feature of the child. The responsibility of shaping the character does not only belong to the parents, but to every mature person that the youngster interacts with, including the teachers. Parents are wrong to think that they have the right to shape the character of their children. The state and the church have their opinions about the responsibility of shaping the features of character.

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The church and the state are holding discussions about rights of parents to determine the character of their children. They debate on whether teachers should be involvd in character development of a child (Tsitsani &Psyllidou, 2012).By leaving the parents with the full responsibility of shaping the character of a child, one compromise on the right of a child to decide which feature would be the best for him/her. Leaving the responsibility only to parents does not give an opportunity for a child to choose. As a result, the youngster has no choice but to take the character the parent prefers. This picked character should not be used to the child, because it may cause problems later when the child is mature.

There are cases when people blame their parents for unappealing character. If other people took part in shaping the character of the person, such cases would not arise (Murray, Joseph, Farrington, David&Ivana, 2012). Although other people should help in shaping the character of a child, parents should always check children’s behavior picked from other people. The church views teachers as the second parent. The reason why a teacher is like a parent is that children spend more time with their teachers than they spend with their family.

Therefore, a teacher will understand a child more than a parent will. Parents may not notice all the changes in children’s character due to the limited time together. Some of the behaviors, the children pick, are not favorable and may result in undesirable character. To avoid this issue, teachers should be more involved in the character development (Healy, 2012). ConclusionThe responsibility to shape the character of a child lies on many people.

Parents, teachers, the church, and the state should join hands to ensure that a child develops the best character. Parents should not think that they are infringing the rights of their child when they are trying to help in creating the better personality. Teachers should be also involved in shaping the character of a child.