The History of the magcal Cellphone

“Ring! Ring!” This is a common sound many of us hear throughout the day–a text message or phone call. Sometimes it can get annoying sometimes it can be enjoyable to talk to someone. It’s in the house but wait it’s in your Pocket and office too. Back than mobile phones were not what what people would expect they are today. Instead There we’re Pre-mobile phones,First generation,Second generation, and third generation cell phones Aboutin the 1960’s there were cellphones that worked, but there distance was restricted the phone had to stay in a certain area and if it left the boundary it would lose signal easily. They had cell towers they were just not advanced enough to cover a large radius.

These phones were called pre-mobile phones because of all the limits for the user all you could do is call there was not evan caller ID. It took about 15 years but they did it they manufactured the first lightweight cell phones the Motorola dynatac 8000x. Motorola was the first one to do this at the time. These first generation phones did have to be tested of course and the Federal Communications Commission finally approved it after much deliberation and testing. At the time a lightweight phone was 28 ounces.

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Next In the 1990’s the second generation phone finally came out with new features to. This phone came to 100-200 grams. The new feature was 2g networks and caller ID. The united states and europe have digital provider now. The phone even gained the battery we all know and love but with pros there will always be cons. Due to these improvements the customers there base grew rapidly which is good for the service.

Finally the 3rd generation phones they just got extra features include sending emails, streaming videos,internet access, streaming the radio and mostly wi-fi. The most awesome feature is 3g data. This feature also depended on your internet provider. In conclusion these cell phones are something different. One thing is they did not alway have have touch screens or lithium ion batteries. They were just had a speaker and microphone and possibly c batteries to powerit.

Also it was just a point a to point b conversation no snapchat no skype no face time or anything. There was not even texting yet.