The Human Body, Dos and Donts

Your body is the center of your world. It is so important every single day of your life.

We are blessed with these bodies, so why not have a healthy and have them for as long as we can. They determine what we do, how we feel, how we look and more. It is so much better to take care of your body then to just carelessly do nothing beneficial with them. If we don’t do anything to help them function better our bodies will gain fat and no muscle, the organs could stop functioning, the arteries could get clogged. So many bad things could happen to a human body in such little time, imagine if you went most your life not doing anything helpful or doing anything bad.

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After all you only get one body, my as well care for it, cause a good and healthy life would be at risk. A fantastic start to have good healthy body is of course eating healthy foods, and drinking healthy drinks. I mean don’t get me wrong everyone likes eating desserts, cookout food, pasta, and everyone loves drinking pops and sugary drinks, but doing it every once in a while is better than doing it on regular basis. Just eating unhealthy alone can cause obesity, tooth loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and higher heart attack or stroke chances which can happen at any age. So many bad health problems can happen just simply not eating healthy, not including being inactive on a regular basis. When you stop eating junk and eat healthy it release toxins from your body that are harmful to your body.

And when you eat healthy these toxins get released and improves your mood tremendously . If you start early eating better foods you will become active at a young age and be like that your whole life if you keep it going. But even if your older and want to make a change but feel you can’t, it’s never too late to start. Every single day counts. Healthy foods right hand man, is is course working out or doing activities. When you hear someone saying ” i’m going on a diet” we think of not only that person eating healthy foods we alsothink of them working out too.

Which is what most people do to get fit. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, you of course need to eat better foods, but to help you can also add in a daily run, bike ride, home workout or anything. You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. There is multiple ways at home to get your daily exercise forthe day. You just half to be determined enough to do it, and want it enough. You can get a bike and ride around or, go for a run around the block, or download a workout app.

Apps can show you workout poses, your workout time, and some even calculate the calories burned during that workout. Not only working out helps you feel better about yourself from losing weight and gaining muscle, it also makes you physically have an increased mood. Much like eating healthy food, working out releases a group of hormones called endorphins. Which is scientifically proven to improve sadness, depression, anxiety and more. Although there is so many things you can do to help your body, there is also a lot of things that can risk how you feel, how you look, and what you do.

Or, can even risk your life, like smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Doing just one of these things your whole life can completely ruin you from the inside, out. If you do 2 or all three of these on a regular basis, your lifespan would not be long or good.Smoking can harm nearly every organ in your body. Smoking alone causes more deaths a year than firearm situations, viruses, motor vehicle accidents and others. Smoking also increase health problems such as increasing on heart disease chances from 2 to 4 times.

It also increases the chances for stroke by 2 to 4, so about 50% more of a chance than people who don’t smoke. Drugs can not only affect our organs, but it can destroy the leader of our body, the brain. Drugs are chemicals that affect the brain badly. They can make us see things, feel things, not be able to communicate or do any everyday things like a regular person should be able to do. Most people that use to be on drugs say it was like they were another person.

So drugs didn’t only affect the person doing them, but also loved ones around us. Another thing that could ruin your body is alcohol. Alcohol also affects the brain communication skill pathways. It changes your mood and behavior, and make it harder to see and think clearly, that’s why you don’t drink and drive. It causes irregular heartbeat, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure and more.

It can also affect another major organs besides your brain, it can ruin your heart. Alcohol also destroys other body parts such as the immune system and more. Your body is important you should take care of it. By eating healthy you can lose weight, gain muscle, feel better, look better, and more. Working out also makes you feel better for more than one reason, it makes you live longer, do more things, etc. By doing all those two things and not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs can increase lifespan, having better working organs, look better, feel better, and more.

That’s why you should give healthy food and exercising a chance and never give smoking or drugs or alcohol a chance to take over you ,and ruin you and your life. ( Smokers lung and non-smokers lung) ( Different effects of drugs on your body, inside and out) (Non alcoholic brain and alcoholic brain)