The Importance of Exercising

Exercising may be more important than a proper diet and other such things. Getting enough exercise per week may also not be enough. I intend to show how getting more than enough exercise every week is the best way to lead a very healthy life and a longer life.Physically fitter people survive disease more oftenIf you are physically fit then you are less likely to become ill through disease. In our modern times it is not often the disease that kills a person outright.

It is often dehydration and an inability to eat. During this shaky time a person needs strength so that their body may fight the disease and still have enough energy to eat and drink at the end of it. Without being physically fit it becomes difficult to survive.People with a great diet but no exercise will become illYou are supposed to have a good diet and take exercise, but it is possible to live with one without the other. Exercise daily but exist on junk food–and you will still remain fairly healthy. But, eat good food but still never exercise and soon you will be a very unhealthy person.

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A lot of exercise with a poor diet will still make people last longerLots of exercise will help the body run itself a little faster. This means that if you have the choice of eating healthily or taking more exercise then you should choose to have more exercise.The body builds up an immunity to lactic acidWhen you exercise you build up lactic acid in your body. This is what makes your muscles ache. If you exercise often then you literally burn off the fat and your body and muscles become immune to lactic acid, which means your muscles will no longer ache.

It is very good for clearing out your circulatory system too.A cyclist had a pulse rate of 7 beats per 15 secondsThe record for the lowest resting heart rate is that of a cyclist who had a heart rate of 28 beats per minute. That is amazing since most people’s are over sixty. If you exercise a lot then your resting pulse rate does down. This gives your heart more of a rest and therefore helps it to stay healthy. If you exercise regularly then your heart gets a better rest between beats, which is going to help it last a little longer.

ConclusionA longer and healthier life comes from exercise. This is just a medical fact as people who are fit and healthy as children and adults will not need to use the doctors as often and will live longer. Exercising more than your recommended weekly allotment is a good thing. The people who just do their share of exercising are not really doing themselves a lot of favors. They are doing better than the people who do not exercise at all, but they could still feel an even better benefit if they were to do just a little more.