The Life of Lady Gaga

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are”. Stephanie Germanotta, known as Lady Gaga, was born on March 20, 1986. Since being a little girl, she always aspired to become a great musician. From performing in locals clubs in New York, Stephanie shot up to the top of the billboard charts sweeping the nation with the Gaga fever. Stephanie Germanotta when first stepping into the world of fame did not receive any help, she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity and reaches out to people through her meaningful lyrics and intense fashion sense. To begin summing up Stephanie’s career, one must note the incredible dedication that has driven her from the very start.

By age four, Stephanie was already playing the piano, by age thirteen she had already written her first piano ballad, and began performing at open mic nights by the age of fourteen. (Biography for Lady Gaga) At age eleven Stephanie was accepted to Julliard, the prestigious school of music and arts, but instead decided to attend a public high school. Her early teen years show how talented she was, and people were beginning to be interested in her talent and what could come out of it. At age seventeen Stephanie was one of twenty people in the world to be granted early admission to New York’s University’s Tisch School of Arts. Her great talent allowed her to prosper in her music career.

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Eventually dropping out of the school in order to find creative inspiration. (Lamb)In this time she took on three jobs to make ends meet. Stephanie did not get signed until 2005, this was brief the record company ended up dropping Stephanie just months after being signed. She performed for local venues until in 2007 she took up the job as a song writer for Interscope Records. Only a year after beginning work with Interscope records, she became the new pop sensation. Next Stephanie Germanotta swept the world within a few short months after achieving fame.

In two short years, Lady Gaga became a major force in the music industry selling more than eight million records worldwide. (Harris)Gaga appeared on the charts only 16 months ago and within 14 months was able to get six no. 1 hits. Lady Gaga is also said to be the most successful digital singles artist ever with sales over 22 million. ( Lady Gaga: a new Madonna making pop history) Her music reaches out to people in more ways than just the entertainment part of it.

Her lyrics are very relatable to, which shows how she was able to attain so much success in such a short amount of time. This year Lady Gaga released the much anticipated “Born This Way” album. When it hit stores in May 11, it sold 1,108,000 copies in the first week of release giving it the best single week of sales for any album since 2005. (Lamb) Although her rise to fame sounds smooth, she had many people bashing her image. Many critics are against her strong statements. Donny Osmond, a radio personality, heavily criticized Gaga’s music videos for graphic violence and explicit sex scenes.

(Harris) Many people are against Lady Gaga’s intense dedication to her music because it might be sending the wrong message to impressionable teenagers. Finally, what makes Stephanie Germanotta such a great celebrity is that she pushes others to be whom they want to be. She sent out mass message to the world through her newly titled album “Born This Way”. She supports everyone, and is very much against discrimination against people who chose to express themselves in a different manner. Her crazy fashion sense is her way to show people that it’s okay to express yourself in any way that you wish. (Biography for Lady Gaga) A few of her trademarks include: various colored wigs, tattoos, and her revealing outfits.

She doesn’t hide who she is, in fact she’s very proud of whom she has become, not to mention that she doesn’t even consider herself to be a celebrity; she believes she’s a musician. Her no. 1 single “Born this way” addresses everyone of any race or orientation that it’s okay to be what you are. Although her message is rather controversial, it shows how dedicated she is to spreading it all over the world despite the strong criticism. She strongly reinforces the messages that no matter how people put you down, or humiliate you they have no right to do so because God created everyone just the way they were supposed to be. Lady Gaga allows other to see that you can be whoever you want if you work hard enough for it, and no matter whom you are, you are special in your own way.

She sends out a strong message to people, and encourages everyone to be what they want to be no matter what criticism they might receive from the public eye. Following your dreams and being persistent allows you to achieve whatever you want in your life.