The Man Who Was Almost a Man

The dialogue the author uses fits into cultural/racial criticism because it is an accurate portrayal of the Southern people accent. When I first started reading the story the dialogue between the characters gave it all away.

The author says “Howdy, Dave! Whutcha want?” There are words such as “Whutcha” which translates to what do you want. The combining of words by either combining them or shortening them is utilized to fuse words together and make everything much quicker and real. The grammar of the story has many mistakes it in on purpose such as “is you gone plumb crazy?” when the mom talks to the son about purchasing a gun. The significance of all this is that it shows that they were ignorant and uneducated in the English language because they were probably illiterate. Yet they possessed a strong virtue and moral character that their society abided by which is something worth commending.

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