The Marketing Planning Process

Executive Summary Pepsico have been operating in UK for the last 60 years during this span of time PepsiCo has introduced enormous food and snacks product in the UK region which has created a benchmark for other competitor. Now PepsiCo is starting to capture the youth of UK with the magic of their energy drink named as “STING”. PepsiCo UK has systematically developed an intensive marketing plan for the new product which comprised of all the relevant information that will be needed at the pre-launch and post-launching process.

The basic aim of PepsiCo energy is to capture maximum market share of energy drink in UK.

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Recent research has shown an increasing trend in the consumption of energy drink by 16% for that reason PepsiCo has started to prepare a marketing plan regarding to its energy drink. Intensive marketing and awareness promotional mix will use in product launch and initially free samples will be given to the target customer, the target audience will be comprised of youngster with age of 18—35. Discounted pricing strategy will be use to create market for the new product of PepsiCo.

Different types of model for environmental scanning have been used and will be used to develop appropriate strategy and these strategies will be evaluated and monitored through different tool and technique which will help to identify the trend analysis of the society as well as for the PepsiCo UK. Introduction of Company: Soft drink industry is one of the most thriving and vibrant industry in the world that have been rooted to many categories.

Many product line extensions have been introduced under this single terminology.

But it’s the fact that two major key players in the soft industry are Coca-Cola and Pepsi with the largest market share of 51% and 40% respectively, these two have the strongest customer base in the world. Pepsi was initially known as “Brad drink”, this was invented by a pharmacist in late nineteen century in USA. Basically this drink was use to cure stomach pain but no one knows that this drink will become one of most popular carbonated drink of the world, after few years its original name was change by “Pepsi Cola”. (2) In mid of the 1950’s Pepsi was introduced in the UK and Ireland region.

Up till now this region has proved its potential in term of growth and most vibrant market in the soft drink industry, some new product such as Pepsi MAX have been launched by Pepsi Co in this UK region which has proven to be the best in growth and sales as compare to other region such as Asia, Canada etc.

This strategy has encouraged the management of Pepsi co to consider UK as the most thriving part for product innovation and development. The most recent product innovation was done by Pepsi UK was launching new product by the name of Pepsi RAW which was the amalgamation of the soda water and other natural ingredient. 1) There are some other product has been introduced in UK region which haven’t launched anywhere else this have proved that UK market have enough capability to absorb product innovation and product development, this has encouraged the management of the Pepsi co. to introduce product such as: * Pepsi Twist * Pepsi Cino These strategies seem to be very pragmatic in UK which has proved its worth. Research held by a firm has claimed that more than 50% of the sales in UK of Pepsi co. are related to sugar free drink and flavoured soft drink such as Pepsi MAX and Twist.

Source: 1. http://www. pepsico. co. uk/pepsi-max 2.

Wolburg, Joyce M. , “Double-Cola and Antitrust Issues: Staying Alive in the Soft Drink Wars, Journal of Consumer Affairs. Pepsi have an aggressive international advertising strategy in which they have taken many celebrities as a brand ambassador to create strong brand association. Pepsi have started its product diversification in 1965 after they have merged with Frito-lay. They have started to manufactured different snacks item for different region under the brand name of Pepsi co.

Some of the popular products are: * Lays * Cheetos * Quakers Different strategies have been used by the Pepsi co in order to supply and sell these snacks, along with these products parallel marketing was implemented for the beverages product.

More than 140000+ workers have been working in PepsiCo and it has the largest market share in snack and beverages in many regions, there are 400 different products in 200 countries are introduced by Pepsi Co. Many mergers and acquisition have been made by PepsiCo which result in new product development and innovation.