The Negative Efftcts Of Domestic Violence On Children

How do you think every one of those children feel when there’s domestic violence in their home? Many of those indignant children become traumatized.

Some of those children might even believe domestic violence is a good thing to do. They might want to be as forceful as their parents. Those children’s life is really difficult and challenging for them to handle. They do not have the sufficient amount asset to overpower those problems. The purpose of this essay is to show how negative the effects of domestic violence are on children. First, many children are greatly impacted by domestic violence; many children will grow up with violent thoughts in their mind about injuring or just hurting people.

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This means that they are capable of committing a crime of stealing or fighting in a public place. In the end, this can really affect children in many ways. Additionally, children can become more aggressive. This means that they can injure other people or themselves if they do not do it well. Therefore, children are the most affected when there is domestic violence, and they can actually make really bad actions. Finally, domestic violence affects all families in general.

First, parents will stop caring for their children. This means that all of those children will stop receiving the love and affection that is needed to grow healthy. Additionally, many families will become depressed. As a result, children will start to eat less, and they will turn to be sad and not enjoy their childhood. Therefore, children are the ones who receive most of the depression that cannot be healed. In conclusion, there are many ways in which children are affected negatively by domestic violence.

This issue is really problematic and causes serious emotional problems. Children are affected by this problem day by day, and they are not the ones who parents should blame. Many parents want the best for their children; domestic violence is not going to help their mental development in any way. Therefore, society has not taken a close look on this issue and how to stop this. I believe that children do not deserve to be hurt.

There can be many solutions to this problem if we join in to help families who encounter domestic violence in their home. This will change their view towards their poor children’s future.