The Never Ending History

n the world there are different religions some we might know of and other we’ve might have heard about from the news but, do you know everything about each religion? Probably not, chances are that just because people practice a certain religion they might not know everything about it. So, the purpose of my paper is to inform you of two religions Christianity and Judaism.

First and foremost I would like to begin with a little background information of Christianity. Then, later on I’ll be speaking of Judaism. Have you ever wondered how Christianity began? Well, it all start in 4B.C (Before Christ) this day was marked down in history as the birth of Jesus. This day also became a worldwide holiday known as Christmas .But, now in our time going back 2,000 years in history, the history of Christianity was started by Jewish and as they migrated they brought their religion.

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Now Christianity is one the most practiced religion in the world. Christians today still do everything Jesus did from fasting to evangelizing (the act of telling people about Christ). People today also congregate in a church and listen to a pastor tell them the good news. Just as Jesus did his lifetime here on earth. Jesus was sinless and honest, this is what Christians know and believe but can’t practice because their known for being sinners. During Jesus lifetime (0-29c) here on earth he preached the good news, healed the sick, and along the way he saved the lives of 12 men these men became known as his disciples (27A.

D) all this happened a year after his baptism which took place on. They embarked with him on every journey until the very last moment they spent together known as the last supper. The event after the last supper was known as “The Crucifixion “meaning that during this time Jesus died on the cross (known as the holy symbol of Christianity.)This time along with all other events and practices are what still make the structure of Christianity. People today know of the life of Jesus through the bible and that is why today it’s used to read about the past, preach to the present and to impact the future. As the years progressed the bible has spread the message around the world saving people bringing couples together and still the people today belief in the same things that people believed in years ago and still today the beliefs are the same until this day.

The deeds of Christians are all in the news and in the morning paper. And finally I would like to speak of Judaism which is similar to Christianity taking into consideration the fact that Judaism is related to Christianity in some ways for example there are people in the bible that are part of Judaism religion. For example, Abraham among Christians he’s known as a faithful servant of GOD but among Judaism he’s known as “The Friend of GOD”. But, overall he serves as a perfect example as to how people should live their life. Marriage and the meaning of life go hand in hand. “Life is found once love is found.

” So, overall each religion might be different but over all there also alike so whenever you feel like gaining knowledge from a certain religion, do what I did look it up you’ll learn a lot in very little time. Religion comes along way so as I did this project I learned a lot and you can to and most importantly remember that…history is never ending.