The Obstacles

“Never bend your head always hold it high look the world straight in the eye.” word from the inspirational Helen Keller(Keller).It was nighttime around 7:30 p.m. My coach put me into the football game on our home field.I lined up against my man on defense and after a couple of snaps when he went up to block me from getting to the quarterback we hit helmet to helmet and soon as we hit I got dizzy and did not think anything about it.

The next week I had these headaches where when I based themon a scale from zero to ten it was about a five or sixso I went to talk to our schools athletic trainer and she gave me a test and after that she told me to go to a doctor to see if Ihad a concussionor not. The day of the appointment I think about one or two p.m. the doctor ran some test on meshe saidI had a concussion.Much like Helen Keller overcame not being able to communicate, I overcame my concussion. Helen Keller had to overcome not being able to communicate which caused many problems.

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When Helen was a baby she got sick and became blind and deaf.Then the Keller’s hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen.Finally,Annie was able to teach Helen trust,obedience, and language to help Helen overcome her obstacle. Like Helen , I also had to overcome anobstacle.What I had to overcome was a concussion,which is an head injurythat can have a long-term effect on your brain in the future,symptoms are nausea,headaches,dizziness, etc.

My issues with it was I couldn’t play football or march for marching band.I overcame my obstacle by doing what the trainer and doctor told me to do. Although our obstacles were different we share some similarities.One similarity to my obstacles to helen’s is that we both had to listen to what we were supposed to do.Another thing we had in common was we had help to overcome our obstacles.

So,in conclusion my obstacle and helen’s do have some similarities to each other. Helen Keller had to overcome not being able to communicate just like I had to be willing to listen to overcome my concussion.WhatI learned fromHelen needs to be capitalized Helen’s experience is that it is tough not knowing what was going on around you or being able to hear the conversations.What Ilearned from my experience was that you should tell people about injuries as soon as you get them.I am going to end on this quote by Helen Keller ?The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched- They must be felt with by the heart.

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