The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude

Everyone should be thankful to live and enjoy every day, not complain about bad things that happen to you. There are definitely people who have worse problems than we do. Even today, while we are living peacefully, hundreds of people die each day.

Girls can’t go to school in parts of Africa, there are still small wars that make more refugees, and it’s easy to spot a beggar or a person who starves. In-stead of complaining, you can try to help those people around the world in any way you can and try to have a positive attitude. Besides, things won’t get better if you just sit and complain and have a bad attitude. Attitude is the most important thing in life. One should approach everything with a positive atti-tude. Scott Hamilton, a retired American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist who survived cancer said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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” Scott Hamilton had a cancer and it’s hard to have a positive mind when you had a cancer. But, Scott said that he became happier after he had cancer, not before. This means that he found something more important than being healthy. Everything he used to own, like healthy body, was normal to him. But now, he thinks a healthy body is a gift that one has to be always thankful for.

Having a cancer made his thinking change 180 degrees. This is a good example of changing 180 degrees after having a positive attitude. If a man has a positive attitude and has a tent to live in, he might not be comfortable but he will still thank for at least having a shelter and a place to sleep in. Or, if a man buys a car, he’s just thankful for having a car whether it’s luxury and expensive or not. But, if he is the type of person who complains all the time, he might become greedy to have more cars. In that case, he will keep buying cars to makehimself happy and keep buying it until he finally realizes that he can’t get happiness from wealth.

Scientists researched and found out that the world’s happiest countries are not the wealthiest countries with good technology, but poor countries that have fewer resources. When one approaches things positively, you are mostly happy with what you already have. It is said, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Everybody knows that happiness is not a thing one would go to a store and buy it. Happiness is a thing that one gets by having a positive attitude.

However, if a person uses the money in a good way, like donating some money to poor families or giving money to charity, he would get happiness from it. Except that this quote means just being rich won’t bring happiness. Scientists also researched and found out another interesting fact: people who won lottery are suddenly 120% happy (happier than usual) after they get the news, but they will go back to their normal happy range after a few weeks later. Is money more important than attitude? If not, why do people want to be rich rather than have a positive attitude? The simplest answer to these two questions is that people think that money is themost important thing in life. They think that they can do anything if they have a lot of money.

But, there are many things you can’t just buy with money. Some things like hope, happiness, love, friendship (friends), sympathy and even sadness have to be gained by many experiences a person gains in their life. And those things that can’t be bought are much more important than money itself. The best way to think positively is to think that nobody knows when they die and one might suddenly die today or tomorrow. In that way, people can always thank for being alive and healthy when they wake up in the morning.

Think of everything one possesses and thank for it. Try to have a positive attitude and the person’s life is going to change 180 degrees. Let’s think positive and smile. Everything is going to turn out good.