The Parable Sadhu

This case study is based on a real life incident of Bowen H. McCoy, MD of Morgan Stanley.

He participated in the sabbatical program for six months. He took the trip to Himalaya Mountain which is Nepal for three months. During the hike on Himalaya he met many different nationalities people; that were from New Zealand, Japan, Swiss, and People who live in the Mountain (Sharper’s). While climbing to the Mountain he runs into Moral dilemma when he comes across the naked Shads. Shads is the holy Indian men.

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One of the New Zealand found an Indian Shads who carried Shads n his soldiers and kept on his feet.

The Shads was shivering, suffering from Hypothermia and near to his death. The moral dilemma comes into role when author and other people whom he met on his trip while climbing the mountain are forced to make the decision to go down the mountain to save the life of the Shads and not to climb the peak and experience something new for which they had came from their countries. They were Ignoring the fact to help the Shads In order fulfill their personal wish. . Absolutes: The Fact was all people climbing to the mountain who came across the Shads wanted o help as much as they can, and then wanted to pass the buck to others.

They all acted through the ethical thoughts because they felt obliged to help Shads. Each of the individual groups of people did a individual job to help because none of them went the complete way and wanted to save Sad’s life. II. Legal: Although everybody has contributed nobody took the responsibility of the Shads health or safety.

Stephens also argued that everyone did their bit as long as they were convenient and then passed on the buck to others. He said to the author that how different the action would it have been if it there would be a well dressed Asian or a Western Woman, then the response toward helping the person would be different? Author then realized that how they all walked by an ethical dilemma without appropriate action.

Ill. Moral Philosophies: Teleological Test: The outcome was to save Sad’s life or complete the trip.

But, in the passage it did not specified the end result so this test was not satisfied for this case. Deontological Test: This test focus on the action or duty. The action Is moral but in this case same like teleological the end result is not satisfied so this test was to satisfied for this case. Egoism Test: In this test, people acted out of egoism because all the groups of men acted out of their own self interest and did not do what was necessary to help the Shads, because It would have been unfavorable to their personal mission which was to complete the hiking.

Utilitarian Test: No people were harmed in this case. Shads was benefited but still the end results did not 1 OFF Overall it could be concluded that people do the things only till they find convenient and then pass the buck to others. In this case it is focused more on other people morals. Author’s friend Stephen though points that all people including author would had acted differently if it would be someone well dressed Asian or Western women.

Although author did not like the fact which Stephen mentioned, but then he realized that they all walked by an ethical dilemma without appropriate action.

In real world I think this is how all behave. In individual case, business world, or cooperate world, all thinks first for their benefit, comfort and then rest for others. Very rarely people think about others life or happiness. It all depends on personal ethics, how we all deal on the situation.