The Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is power, literacy is education, and education helps you communicate. The ability to read and write allows you to socialise with others and could benefit you in the future. Therefore, being multilingual is a huge advantage. I speak fluent arabic and english and am currently learning Italian.

This allows me to communicate with many people from different ethnicities, which could potentially help me in future careers. It also allows me to gain awareness of other cultures and feel accepted in their community. Finally it expands my understanding and knowledge. Being bilingual or even multilingual increases cultural awareness and communication. All second-language learning involves studying other cultures, especially when you are fluent.

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Last year many of my friends went abroad to France to live with a french family who don’t understand english. They were forced to speak french to communicate with the family. This strengthened their use of the french language and taught them common french jargon, as well as increased their knowledge on french culture, as well as allowed them to make friends with french natives. Learning multiple languages also allows people from different nationalities and religions tointegrate communities. This also prevents lack of integration between immigrants and natives.

Today English is nearly universal thanks to tourism and changes in educational systems. In return the world has prospered immensely. People can communicate in a more efficient way and there is little or no language barrier. Without a language barrier immigrants would no longer be segregated from those of whom are in the community. I feel that more people should make the effort to learn other languages and integrate communities. I have noticed this and when abroad befriend others of different ethnicities, in particular Italians because I would like to strengthen my comprehension.

We live in a globalized and multilingual world, where job advertisements and companies are now asking for multilingual employees. It gives them the power to work with otherindividuals without the need of a translator, or even risking the chance of corruption. As more and more companies trade internationally the need for bilingual or multilingual people increased. Monolingual People working at companies are now being promoted and asked to fly or relocate abroad, where they lack the ability to communicate due to language barriers. Learning multiple languages expands your prospects and expectations. Colleges are now paying attention to the number of fluent languages spoken.

The other day my brother (who is in his 3rd year of college) was encouraging me to learn more languages and increase my understanding, due to the reason that it will help my chances at getting into collages.For these reasons being bilingual, aids in career advancement, and possibly a better chance at being accepted to colleges. Ultimately, being multilingual expands my understanding and stimulates my brain. At first I was cautious on learning a new language. I thought it would make me confused and flustered, but I was wrong. Learning a new language gave me in-depth knowledge on grammar and construction of sentences.

I had to learn everything from scratch (more or less). I learned the alphabet, then numbers, and finally verbs, nouns, and sentences. Italian helps me decipher meanings of complicated english words, by comparing it to a word I know in Italian. I learned about incredible Italian and arabic stories. I could also partially understand Spanish words and phrases through comparing them to those of Italian. Furthermore, learning various languages with similar roots can help you gain knowledge and understand others.

All in all learning multiple languages hold a powerful influence on people and the society.learning multiple languages could aid your future and understanding of other cultures. it could also prevent you from judging or harming others. If people, like myself, become multilingual, the world could become a more prosperous place.