The Prevalence and Roles of Sexual Fantasies

Question b Sexual fantasy is the erotic fantasy which involves the creation of sexual feelings. In most of these sexual fantasies, most of the participants are usually forced into sexual activities where it has been recently reported that most of these people who are forced into sexual activities are usually the women.

These sexual fantasies are in the thought of all individuals and one can decide to share them with the people he/she loves. Sexual fantasy has been prevailing for many generations in both men and women. Many people think that having fantasies outside their partners is cheating and being unfaithful but sex therapists think that it is a normal and a healthy practice. This has made most of the people who are addicted to such fantasies be ashamed of themselves because fantasies are considered to be forbidden by a majority of people. Fantasy can help one to be able to escape, defamiliarise, reflect, create, and replace reality which is considered healthy by many sex therapists. The sharing of fantasies with partners can be very compromising at times because there are pros and cons of sharing one’s fantasies.

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The pros of sharing these fantasies are that it clears one’s conscience that he/she is telling the truth, it can lead to long lasting relationships, and one can get assistance incase she/he is addicted. The cons of sharing these fantasies are that it could lead to broken relationships and marriages, it can lead to lack of trust from the people we love most like the married people, it can make one to loose self esteem and loose confidence in one self incase the other partner disapproves the act. Question 2 A statistically normal behavior is a behavior wich is average. People who have statistically normal behavior usually behave in a typical way. It is the type of behavior which is normally expected from a majority of people. A sexually healthy adult is one that begins as a child who is raised up in a sexually healthy family where the parents do understand matters concerning sexual education and they feel free to talk about it to their children.

This sexually health adult is taught about a healthy decision making, sex safety, and religion. These adults in most cases feel very good about their bodies and they are also able to make sexuality decisions which are mature and healthy and they are treated with dignity. States and communities should have the right to pass laws that restrict and ban private sexual behaviors between consenting adults even though the behaviors cause no physical harm to any party. This is because if this insane behavior is encouraged by the States and the Communities, it shows that the population would deviate and change into bad morals and the violation of social norms like the child abuse and other sex crimes since the sex offenders would not be punished by the State or the Community. The implications of laws restricting or banning sexual behaviors between consenting adults, either opposite sex or same sex partners is that it would leave sexual activities to married couples and eradicate extra marital sex affairs and also help in the fighting of the AIDS pandemic which has become a global problem.Question 3 Love and sex are not interrelated at all and the only similarity that exists between love and sex is that they are both practices which are commonly practiced in our daily lives because of the passion the participants have for onee another.

This is because when individuals decide to have sex, it means that there is absolutely nothing that they feel for each other but when individuals who are in love decide to have sex, it is not termed as sex but love making since it involves the emotions that they have for each other. Love differs greatly from sex since sex is more physical and one doesn’t need to be in love so as to be able to have sex. Sex is a physical activity which is as a result of lust, sexual tensions and it does not involve any emotion with it. This explains the fact as to why so many people can meet and have sex and then after that, they never meet again. Love on the other hand is a feeling that one gets when one knows that he/she can’t live without the other partner showing that it is emotionally connected. Love comes from the heart and it can make people too decide to tie the knots by marriage.

Many men prefer to have sex than to fall in love since it is very possible that they may want to have sex with as many women as possible without the involvement of emotions. Women on the other hand, are very sensitive when it comes to emotions and they prefer falling in love and love making as compared to just having sex. They don’t believe that there is any relationship between sex and love. Sternberg’s Triangular theory of love and Lee’s Love Styles differ greatly since the triangular theory in most cases puts in more emphasis on the expression of intimacy, passion, and through the commitment done through actions so as to show happiness. The love styles on the other hand are internal attitude based and they are personal since they tend to be very stable as a person’s relationship theme.