The prince of tydes incomplete analysis

To be able to analyze text 1, I will comment on how language, style and format are used in the representation of USAF All Khan. Text 1 is an adaptation from a magazine article which was published in Stardust Icon in the year 2010. It probably follows the theme of a cinematographic or celebrity magazine in which the author, Puppyish Roy, comments on famous actors and actresses.

This article centers its argument in the life of a famous actor of India, inferred by the mentioning of Plywood, Calf All Khan.

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It also describes his progress by contrasting the past with the present. Also, the structure, design and descriptive techniques help to provide information according to its purpose. In relation to the structure and design of the text 1, the image and the title allow the reader to be engaged into the reading as, visually, the image and the title are what attracts the reader at first. The image of Calf makes him look handsome and it gives a really good first impression.

The words accompany the content of the article as it looks, because of the font size variation, as it represents the ups and downs of his carrier. Also, the subtitle grabs the audience attention as it Is In a bigger font than the rest of the article and it is a textual citation from Calf All Khan. Also, the subtitle helps to introduce the man that will be described by the article and It also represents the kind of “philosophy’ Calf has as the citation made explains Sales attitude towards life.