The Road Not Taken Analysis

Analyzing a text is not just about figuring out its meaning.

Anayzing is breaking down the article piece by piece. Figuring out how it relatesto you and the world around you. Examing how it would affect you and the character in a positiove or negative way. When I analyze a text I break it down like its me in the situation or as if it is a real piece, andsometimes it is. Chapter 1: Meaning Which road will you choose? What choice will you make? Robert Frost is facedwith two roads or two choices in his life. These two roads or two decisions will make up the rest of his viability.

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Before he makes this settlement though he has to examine his options. Robert does this, because once you decide in “autumn” you can rarely go back and change it. Chapter Notes: Autumn-middle aged Viability-life I had to really picture my self in Roberts situation to think how would I go about this delima. Chapter 2: Choices Once he thoroughly examines these two decisions he figures out that both roads are equal. Literally meaning no matter which one he takes the outcome on the person who takes it is the same. Either person is both worn after the consequences of the road or the decision they made.

Even though this single road looks better than the other, it is just like real life choices. You might think you can get the easy way out, but it always comes back and bite you in the butt. After finding out the news the man notices that in the beginning no leaves had been trotted on our ruined in the rain. So knowing the result of both paths, he doubted if he shall ever come back. Chapter Notes: Not only does this chapter tell the feelings and thoughts of Frost, but it also relates to the readers. Chapter 3: Emotions Frost knows that as time passes there will still be two roads diverged in a yellow wood, or two choices to make, still there waiting for him.

Only he will know that he took the one no one else usually travels or decides. Rather his outcome is good rendering or not, because no matter which road you chose the way you travel is indifferent to the people around you. Chapter Notes: This explains that everyone is different. I am good student and have decent grades. The effect of this is making it to an terrfic college, but another person could also make it to that college.

Not by doing the hard work I have but by cheating and having others doing their work for them. For this does not help them in the long run but we still eneded up in the same place at the same time. You can travel the same road but the ending is different. For instance I will end up with a good job while the other pupil will still be in school because they failed classes and the major test. Chapter 4: Tone The tone of this piece suggest that the author has two judgements, and he does not know which one to choose. It does not give off the emotion that he is happy,sad, or even mad.

Although I could and did infer that he is maybe sad or depressed. For example in the first stanza second line he says “And sorry I could not travel both”. This means that even if he wanted to travel both roads or make both choices he could not, but he would want to. Also in stanza 4 line 1 he quotes. “I shall be telling this with a sigh.” This could be taken as describing his emotion meaning he could be mournful or depressed about what he is saying.

Chapter Notes: In chapter four I was certainto cite my evidence because I know that every writer views Roberts work differently. So I had to make sure I cited why I choose the emotions for Frost. Chapter 5: Figurative Meaning Throughout the text Frost uses alliteration such as “Somewhere ages and ages hence.” Roberts uses this alliteration to show that it will be a long timeinto the future, and no matter how long after the two roads or decisions will still be there. A metaphor in the poem ” Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”, suggest or states that they’re are two different roads or two different choices in life.

A simile found in the the piece is stanza one line 4 “And looked down one as far as I could.”This sentence is explaining that Robert is looking down as far as he can see. Describing that he is comparing the effects of both of his choices before he actually finalizes one. Chapter Notes: Pointing out figurative language in a text helps you connect to the author. It does this by deciphering the figurative meanings and letting yourself know what the author meant.