The Rule of Stalin

Stalin was a dictator of Russia. Stalin was someone who believed that Russia will suffer if he didn’t make changes to the country.

So Stalin used various methods in order to make changes for Russia regardless if the people liked his idea of “change” or not. One of the changes Stalin wanted was to modernize Russia. Stalin told the people that the reason why old Russia suffered continual beatings was because of it’s backwardness. So in order to convince Russia to change it’s backward ways he told the Russian people to develop a real Bolshevik speed in building Russia’s Socialist economy. Another change Stalin wanted to make was to industrialize Russia . A method he used to accomplish this change was creating a five year plan.

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The five year plan set goals for heavy industry. The people who met these goals made by Stalin got bonuses and the people who did not meet the goals got punished for it. Another change Stalin wanted was to increase agricultural production. In order to achieve this goal Stalin needed to enlarge agricultural units. He setted up collective and state farms which led to joining together of the small peasant farms into large collective farms which resulted in carrying a determined offensive against the Kulaks.

So when he did this it broke the Kulaks resistance,eliminated them as a class and substituted their output the output of the collective farms and state farms. The Five Year Plan also helped to increase Russia’s agricultural production because it setted goals for agricultural production just like it did for heavy industry. Stalin’s idea of collectivization resulted in peasants being forced to live on state owned farms, all of the Kulaks getting eliminated, peasants starving because they hid food and over 10 million people dead. Another change Stalin wanted to make was to get everyone in Russia to like him and agree with everything that he wanted to do for the country. A method he used to achieve this change was to create the great purge.

The great purge was a series of campaigns involving political repression and a purge of the Communist Party. Anyone who got Stalin upset got punished. Stalin’s secret police arrested thousands of old bolsheviks, army heroes, factory managers, writers, and ordinary citizens. Many people were put on public trial to “confess” their crimes against Stalin. 800,000 people were executed including 90% of the Red Army’s officers. Finally, Stalin changed Russia in so many ways.

Since Stalin was so determined for these changes to happen. Russia became a powerful industrial state. So the rule of Stalin may have been harsh to the people considering the fact that so many were killed because they offended Stalin and some were put on trial and arrested for not commiting any crimes at all. But even though tons of people were affected by Stalin’s methods that were used to change Russia those methods did work and it did change Russia. Russia became more powerful as a result of Stalin’s methods.

So Stalin’s rule helped Russia in a way but it also affected the people of Russia.