The Scarlet Letter

Questioning the real meaning of justice Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter on a woman who had a harsh punishment put upon her by her community for committing a sin.

Human justice was put upon her with the symbol of the letter A, which stands for adultery. Hester comes to understand that the only one that can do justice is God. When Hester arrived at Boston. She fell deeply in love with the young town’s priest, Dimmesdale. Their love was considered as a sin to the town and they demanded punishment over her.

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Although the town view her love to Dimmesdale as an act of adultery. Hester saw it as pure and honest love, which she was not ashamed of. Therefore justice fell on her and was forced to were a symbol of shame and sin. Through the years Hester’s character became stronger and firm. She was not ashamed of what she had done, for she knew that the real punishment was found in God. As the years when by Hester kept living her life isolated from the town.

With time she understood that the justice that was put upon her was just temporal. Slowly justice started making her stronger. She understood that all of the struggles she was facing were necessary to make her stronger. “Hester comforted and counseled them, as best she might(Hawthrone, pg.247).” Hester become someone who the people from the town could come and talk with her about their struggles for advice.

This developed a sense of respect in the town. Though her understanding of justice made an impact in her life. Hester redeems herself from her community and the miserable situation she was put in. Hester accomplished to change the significance of the scarlet letter. “The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread (Hawthrone,pg 189).

” The scarlet letter was no longer a symbol of shame and sin. She become a woman that portrayed courage, bravery, and strength. She understood that her fate is in the hand of God Many people search for justice and it’s true meaning. Hester found the true meaning of justice through her struggles. Justice is made by God, for he is the only one capable of making justice.

She understood this and redeemed herself, rising as a strong and courageous woman.