The Science of Sports

In america sports are one of the biggest reasons to gather together eat hamburgers eat hot dogs wings and drink a beer and hang out with people you don’t even know. What fascinates me the most about sports is how athletic can one person be what are the limits of the human race. Each sport has the best of the best athletes.

In this article i will write a whole lot about the individual sports i will mainly focus about the main leagues like nfl mlb mls and some softball. I will focus a lot about the olympics to. So ill leave a question, what are the limits of human ability. History of sports The history of sports goes back to the romans and the greeks the first olympics were held and created in greek. The greeks didn’t do the normal sports they normally played were throwing heavy objects.It was mostly track and field that they did.

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The sport soccer goes back to the medieval times in some cases murders would get their head cut off and the head would be used as the ball. In time people started to create new ways to play the game and modify it, eventually soccer turned into rugby people wanted to make the game more ruff and tuff so they turned the ball into a american football type shape, later rugg be turned into the sport we americans know and love today american football. Baseball going back to almost the beginning of our awesome nation from the beginning of baseball it’s just gotten better. Baseball Baseball is the american sport the first game of baseball was played in american today baseball is a numbers game you may not know it it but it truly is. In the majors teams scout for players these players have stats, stats are numbers showing what the player is good at for example if a player is batting a average of .

400 then that’s really good there are states for every position in baseball. A pitch goes over the batting average for almost every player on the opposing team doing this helps their stats go up a batter’s stats can also show what they’re good at hitting like a curve ball or a fast ball it also shows what their not good at hitting like a change up or a breaker ball. One of the biggest mysteries in baseball is who threw the fastest pitch ever. In a recent documentary called “fastball” they took all the great pitchers and their top number and measured them like we do today and the results were that nolan ryan had the fastest fast ball ever recorded 108 miles per hour. So far the closest to that number is held by aroldis chapman at 105 mile per hour fastball.

So far the limit of human ability in baseball is 108 miles per hour. Football Football is one the most amazing sports on this planet in my opinion. It’s where all the biggest baddest freaks go to crush each other. Some of these players are just plain mountains could pick up anything heavy some of these players can throw better than anyone and some of these players can run faster than a dog. One of the most talented and very well built person in the nfl is odell beckham he is famous for his one handed catch the reason why he is able to do this is because he can jump with a force of 30 pounds off the ground and his hands at the size of a man that is 3 times bigger than him. The fastest 40 yard dash ever recorded in the nfl is chris johnson at 4.

24 seconds. Tom brady a quarterback is in my opinion and has proved that he is one of the best of the best quarterbacks videos have proven that he’s able to place the ball like no other quarterback in the leagues. Conclusion In conclusion there are always the best of the best in a sport. Sports go way back to the beginning of the earth. It’s a great way to get together and eat a lot and watch your favorite sport teams play the game.