The Three Mile Obstacle

Helen Keller Declared “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” (Keller) The year was 1880 when Helen was born, a healthy baby, but when she was only nineteen months old she got meningitis and became blind and deaf. In 1887 Annie Sullivan came to the Keller’s homestead to be Helen’s private teacher. Much like Helen Keller overcame her obstacle of not being able to communicate, I too overcame my obstacle of learning how to run long distance. Helen Keller had to overcome not being able to communicate because she was blind and deaf.

The Keller’s hired Annie Sullivan to be Helen’s private teacher when she was only seven years old because she was wild and nobody knew how to control her. It took Annie lots of time and effort to get Helen to be able to trust her. In the end Annie was able to teach her trust, obedience, and language to overcome her obstacle. Like Helen I also had an obstacle that I needed to overcome; Learning how to run long distance. I ran my first 5k when I was in fifth grade and did terrible. In sixth grade at cross-country practice our coach told us that we needed to set a good pace for ourselves.

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By the end of eighth grade I was one of the schools best cross country-runners and also ran long distance in track. Although our obstacles were different, they do share a few similarities. First of all we both needed a good coach/teacher to get us going in the right direction. Also that we could not start off too fast, we needed to go at a steady pace, in learning and in running. Now I realize that it was difficult for both of us to learn what we needed to know in order to succeed.

Just like it was difficult for Helen to learn how to communicate, it was difficult for me to learn how to run long distance. What I learned from Helen’s obstacle is that you should never give up. Much like what I learned from my obstacle because I could have been like a lot of kids and quit on the second day. “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.

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