The Troubles Facing Homosexual Students

Latosha Heard EDU 639: Socio- Cultural History Dr. Brenda Cole Date: August 08, 2011 Gay- Straight Alliance A survey by the GLSEN, found that 64% of homosexual students had experienced harassment in school. More recently, ABC News reports that a Campus Pride Study found that gay students are more likely to seriously consider leaving school due to discrimination over their sexual orientation. (Guest Author,2011).

In conducting my experiential activity, I discovered that like any other social event, the topics of discussion were centered on how to get the attention of others that are not around.In this Population of students they were concerns about why certain individuals’ are afraid to, identify with who they are as a person beyond close doors. The students were assuring each other that they were not concern about what people thought concerning the person they were in a relationship with. They were comfortable with being seen in public by others in dating the same sex or experiences what it is like living as the opposite sex mentally. Challenges I noticed in some conversations were that the students’ had discussed their gay or lesbian relationships with their parents.Some students indicated, that due to certain religious beliefs their parents would kick them out of house due to family morals and beliefs.

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Other’s concern was being able to face the people that they had grew up with since grade school. They felt as though their friends would lose respect for them and not associate with them under any circumstances, because of betrayal and trust issues. As educators it is very important that stress the importance of accepting one’s opinion and beliefs regardless if it different from what we believe.During group presentations are social groups mix students up in group, don’t allow them to pick their own groups. This allows students to identify with individuals, based on their feelings, comments, and concerns and not how we view them from the outside.

Teenagers’ same- sex attractions do not automatically mean that they are homosexual. Many teens go through temporary episodes of idealization of same sex peers and should not be urged to prematurely label themselves as “gay”.Most parents hope to maximize the likelihood of their child growing up to be heterosexual and comfortable in claiming his or her own masculine or feminine nature. Teens themselves have the right to be presented with all information, that makes the aware of their long term decision and the long term effect of them mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually. (pfox,2011).

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