The True Definition of More

To many, the connotation of the word “more” produces various emotions internally.

One of the most common is anxiety.A constant fear of their self worth, raising the question of, “did I do enough?” or “was there more I could have done?”.A positive and optimistic outlook is also another reaction. There is a sense of joy in the idea that there is more chance/7s or more opportunity to be had in the future.To me, the word “more” can mean all of these examples.Having or doing more is the endless cycle of obtaining and striving for a goal.

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Once you have more, there is always more to be had, so on and so forth. Accomplishing more is what the American dream was based on.The idea of no matter who you are or where you come form, there is always more opportunities or possibilities waiting in your future. Some of the best and brightest icons of all time strived and achieved for more. Inventors, artists, politicians, and actors all understood the concept, that if they wanted to be the best in their field, they would have to put in the time and effort to be more then just average.Jerry rice, the best receiver of all time, was renowned for his stellar work ethic.

He understood that there is no formula to success, other than out working, out hustling, and out striving anyone who got in his way. In a student athlete’s case, doing more can make or break their career.For student athletes, going above and beyond of what is required of them is the catalyst for what makes them great.It’s that constant motivator in the back of their head to accomplish and achieve more than their competition.This driving force is what makes student and professional athletes put in the extra work.The extra reps after practice, the late night studying, and the early morning grind.

This instinct to generate far beyond what they once thought was possible pushes them when times get tough, when work gets hard. One of the biggest killers of complacency is to do more.It’s the urge to be better than you were yesterday. Once you understand that success is an ever so elusive goal that you are constantly chasing for, there is no limit amount of triumph one can obtain. On the other hand, the contrary to “more” is “less”.Less is the cause of world hunger and poverty.

Less is the creator of judgment, inequality, and tyranny. Doing less is the reason people don’t reach their goals.It is the creator of mediocrity and the founder of underachievement and disappointment.No matter how little money, possessions, or love someone has in their life they always have at least one thing to hold on to.This means there is always something for them to lose.

The understanding of “more” is comparable to the understanding of “less”, in that they are infinite. The word more can have a negative and positive stigma to it.When runners run a marathon, they could be using more as a boost.”The finish line is right around the corner, I have more left in my tank.”This gives hope that the runner can push their self beyond their limits and finish.

It also can be used in a negative way.”Wow, only mile 4, I have a lot more to go.”This implies that the runner has doubt in him or herself and doesn’t believe they will be able to finish. Words and phrases are a big part on ones outlook on life.How we as a society view them changes the overall mindset of an individual.The saying “do more, talk less”, is a great life motto.It suggests that complain and wish less, and achieve more.To under promise and over deliver.It screams, that to get a head in life, you have to hustle.