The Untold Story of Sacagawea

Sacagawea had a very difficult life but made the best out of her situation. She was born around 1788. She was a Shoshone Indian.

She accompanied Lewis and Clark on the Expedition. She was kidnapped when she was a kid. She was married to a French man. Sacagawea is proof that you can become a hero or famous no matter the situation you are given. She made the best out of her situation and now she is famous for what she did.

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Sacagawea was born into the Salmon Eater tribe of the Lembi Shoshone. “At the age of 12, Sacagawea and a few other girls were kidnapped.” (Sacagawea Biography). “There was a splendid change to get away but Otterwoman could not go because she had bent legs. Grasswoman (Sacagawea) felt extremely sorry so she stay with her.”(Sacagawea).

Sacagawea is so generous and brave because she could have left without that girl. It shows you that Sacagawea was a good person. She could have been bitter about the fact that she was kidnapped and that she was taken from her family and home. Yet, she wasn’t and she stayed with her friend. This is how she met her husband. Sacagawea married a French man after he had won her and a few other girls in a bet.

Her husband asked Lewis and Clark if he could be their interpreter on the expedition. Lewis and Clark “decided to hire Charbonneau, Sacagawea’s husband, to be interpreter when they learned that his wife spoke the language of Shoshone.” (Sacagawea Biography). They were on a boat when there was a storm and it was very dangerous. “As her husband panicked it was Sacagawea who stayed calm and gathered up instruments, books, and medicine.

“(The Top 5 Accomplishments of Sacagawea). This is important because this shows that Sacagawea was brave. She didn’t panic. She knew what she had to do to help. Sacagawea was pregnant during the expedition with her son.

She was also sick. “She would carry the infant throughout the entire trip to the Pacific Ocean” (Sacagawea Biography). She gave birth on the expedition and had to carry her child around. That takes a lot of patience and courage. “She had a high fever, a scarcely perceptible pulse, irregular breathing and alarming twitching of fingers and arms” (Sacagawea).

She was so strong. She was sick and had a child. She never gave up. She led Lewis and Clark through the expedition even though she was sick and had to take care of a child. She went through so much and was still a good person.

Sacagawea is a true hero. She went through so much. She helped women today. She showed women that they could be more than just a house wife. She helped Lewis and Clark. She took care of her child.

She was sick. She was kidnapped and still managed to be a good person. She was generous and courageous. Sacagawea has taught people to always look ahead even if bad things happen to you. There is always a silver lining. Works Cited “Sacagawea” Sacagawea 1 September 2011 <http://nadiaturner. (Internet) “Sacagawea” Sacagawea. 1 September 2011 < (Internet) “Sacagawea Biography” Sacagawea Biography. 31 August 2011 <http://www. (Internet) “Sacagawea Biography” Sacagawea Facts and Biography. 1 September 2011 < (Internet) What are the Top 5 Accomplishments of Sacagawea. 1 September 2011 < (Internet)