The Value of Life Narrative Essay

What is life? Great question, too many answers. How much value a simple word has as life.

Although many of us do not know and do not understand with that attitude that has value, we know that it is one of the most important things. It makes me sad how many people blind themselves and forget their courage, leading them to commit the act of snatching them and thus ending them. It is very sad, I know. Although the subject may sound somewhat common, the reality is that it is a very complicated one. I bet that many of us at some point have sat down to think that what would be of the world without us, or how we would have been if we had been born with a different life.

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Come on, we’ve all been through that. And that is why I would like to tell you a little about the value of life. Of the immense importance that it has and how much it contributes to others. Believe it or not, their lives, however destroyed they may be, no matter how many problems we have and difficulties that arise, they should always bear in mind how important they are to someone. Our lives have an unimaginable value, because while some people think about taking it away from them, there are people who would die for having more life time like you.

I encourage you to reflect a bit on the subject, thinking and opening your minds, to understand the immense value of life. It is a very complex path, full of things to do, such as emotions, sadness, joys, dreams, fears, triumphs and stumbles. Sometimes we do not have time for it and many times we do not give importance to it, we do not give it the value it really deserves. Many people underestimate life, think that life is not one, do not know that at some point anything can happen. We seek to make our life and those around us, a friendly space, in which we can love and feel loved.

A true life is living in love. In this sense, we must appreciate the vetoes of life: Being able to smile, have a virtuous and fun life, a healthy environment of friends. To be able to adore yourself as you are, and value each defect you have. Look for light in the mornings and appreciate every little moment of life. Always have great value to each thing no matter how big or small.

We should value every kiss, hug and word for that person we have in special. In life many mistakes are made, but it is up to us to learn from them. And yes, there will be setbacks, but I think it’s no use to give up when we have a lot to live. I have learned a lot from life, how to appreciate what it gives me. I think the best thing I have is the opportunity to live.

I hope that as much as I do, other people can appreciate life. No, it will never be easy, but I know that you can reach the goal. In conclusion, I have learned that life is perhaps the only thing that belongs to us, but we must live each day as if it were the last and perhaps living is the most difficult thing but it is not impossible. It depends on us if we want it to be difficult or easy. We must enjoy each day and not look back, because the past is suffering. If we fall we will try to get up, there are good days and bad days, it depends on us if we want it to be good or bad.

We only have one life, let’s try to make the best of it. Let’s take the time to be happy and fight for what we want.