The Women's Civil Rights Movement

”We hold these truths self evident that all men and women are created equal”(Brill). Elizabeth Staton was the woman who had rewritten the Decleration of Sentimits. Many women have suffered descrimination for centuries. The reason for this is because no one would speak up for them , until Elizabeth Stanton. She was the leader of the womens right movment in the 1900’s.

But before women were known as equals with men there were things that had made that path to equalization a bumpy rode. Like women in society , how there jobs were ,and the women’s suffrage act. Women had played an important role in many aspects of society, including war and education. What people fail to realize about war, is that while the men are out fighting ”most women had worked overseas and served as nurses and at desk jobs to free men in battle”(pg. 50 ,Brill). Women also worked as teachers but most of them were unmarried.

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Most teachers had worked at girls only schools. They taught many subjects but the most important was english , so the girls would be able to read and write. Before men and women were known as equals,women had hard and unfair jobs. Men would have less work hours than women which was biased and they would get more money. Then women started to complain, so as a result they started ”The National Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL) that was established to fight for improved wages and working conditions for women”(Imbornoni).

For example , the Lowell Mills had employed many women ,when the work conditions were horrible. They had to work for 12 hours with a loud defening noise and the wages were low. There were men that were employed there as well ,they had higher wages and less hours. This type of behovior towards women is discriminatory, because women work long and hard hours to earn that money, and men work less hours and earn more money. Men were also allowed to sit while doing work but women were not. Most of the women were little girls or teenagers.

The woman suffrage movement had begun in 1848. The right to vote was for landowners and men only.Women found that very insensitive. They had decided to do something to change the minds of the Congress and Supreme Court. The founders were Susan B.

Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They had founded the National American Women’s Suffrage Assosiation (NAWSA).”They were hoping the U.S. Supreme Court wouldrule that women had a constitutional right to vote”(wikipedia). Susan actually scucceded but she was later arressted for trying to vote several times and for filing many law suits.

In conclusion, The Women’s Civil Right’s Movment had a large impact on women’s lives. Their working conditions changed, they had gotten voting rights, and had changed society for the better. Women had many important roles in the founding of the U.S . For example, George Washington would not have had the courage to lead a war if it were not for his wife that had supported him in all his decisions.

In conclusion, the brave women of that time had fought and gave us women’s suffrage , but the truth is , the fight is not over yet. We owe it to those women to keep fighting and progressing, in the name of women’s rights.