The Worst Word in the English Dictionary

Homework is one of the most dreaded words in the english dictionary. Parents, teachers and students all cringe at the sound of it. Nobody likes doing it, grading it, or having to deal with their kids terrible moods. Homework eats up everyones time at night or in the afternoon.

On top of that students have seven hours of school right before they’re supposed do all that more work! Its unfair to students to have to do school work all day long everyday. I am writing this to convince you that homework should be illegal, I have three main reasons to support this, the first is homework causes extreme stress and sleep loss to students, my second reason is that homework takes up time that could be used for productive things, my last reason is that homework is unfair to students with uneducated parents. Did you know that over eighty percent of the country’s students has sleep loss? Well they say thats all because of homework. Homework is proven to cause extreme sleep loss in students, in one test students weren’t given homework for a week, they all came to school awake and prepared to learn and even scored better on tests then the students with homework! Homework also causes stress, which is something most students have enough of with out homework. Stress can cause serious health issues and is a very serious problem especially for young people.

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Now that you know homework is actually dangerous I’m sure that you’ll agree it must be stopped as soon as possible. Not only that but homework also causing family trouble, trouble with students future, harming the community as a whole. This may seem a little far fetched but its true. Families that spend time together are more likely to stay together, and no family can spend time together when their kids are doing homework all day. This also effects how students in a long term way.

Its proven that spending time with family lessens the chance of becoming a thief, alcoholic, drug abuser, or even a murder. Not only is homework harming students and their families but it is harming the community too. Seventy six percent of students say that helping out in their communities is something they would like to do but they simply don’t have the time. Homework is actually harming people, their families, and communities. Lastly homework is unfair to people whose parents are uneducated.

Students get lots of help on homework from their parents. Some peoples parents don’t understand the work, some don’t speak english, some aren’t around all the time to help. This causes an advantage for some students and a great disadvantage for others. You wouldn’t instruct a student to write an essay without a pen or pencil so how is it fair to make them complete homework without the necessary help? Its not. Especially not when some students are given the necessary help.

America is supposed to be an equal country, how can we progress when little things like homework are still tying us down? In conclusion homework is a problem it needs to be taken care of at once! I hope that after you see how homework can cause health problems, by lack of sleep and extra stress; family, community, and individual problems, by restricting time; and how it is unfair to students with uneducated parents; you will agree with me that homework must go!