The Yellow Wallpaper Free Essay Samples

The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins is a tale of a young woman who must create a facade to keep her marriage at the expense of going insane due to time and situation she was in in which men dominated in the control of the women’s life. This theme is supported throughout the story using the setting and character traits. First, the main issue presented in the story is Jane is telling the story of her life as she suffers at the hands of her husband John, who tries to cure her from her “nervous depression”. His remedy is for her to sit in a room where she does absolutely nothing. The setting of the room which she is placed in is the problem.

The room is “revolting” as she describes it with this ugly yellow wallpaper. To relieve her stress, she writes in a journal which she must always hide from John. The setting here forces Jane to do what she does to ensure she can live normally. Soon enough, she starts seeing things in the room. She imagines a pattern behind the yellow wallpaper.

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