Therapy Is a Must

Therapy is a Must I think that all teenagers should have a time period in school where they could sit down and talk to a therapist. Therapists are very important to have because they help you with all the struggles and hardships in life.

Some teens abuse drugs and alcohol because that’s the only way to release and forget their pain. Therapist’s can help the client discuss pain and help them to understand the problem to get through it. Therapist’s can help with family issues, bullying issues and self esteems issues in teens. Teens problems can be discussed with therapists whether it be a mild problem such as a bad break up or something a little more serious such as physical abuse, either way both are problems that need to be discussed and sought through and therapists can do just that. Some people misunderstand therapy, they think that therapy is meant for “crazy people” when in reality it’s really just a cry for help answered. Society accepts therapy a lot more than it used to, society used to label people who went to a shrink as crazy or mentally ill.

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People also misunderstand the power of therapy. Therapy is very powerful and sometimes can be the reason why some teens didn’t turn to drugs and alcohol or suicide. Therapy is not just two people talking, therapy is trust. By that I mean therapy is a safe haven for people to talk about their feelings and what is going on in life, some of what is said in therapy aren’t things that you can just talk about with a friend or parents. In therapy there is no judgment, no abuse, no fear, there is only trust and communication. Therapy is extremely powerful, some kids might be walking around terrified to tell anyone what goes on, whether it be at school, home or in a relationship, there could be abuse by a parent that a child would have no one to talk about it with, that’s where therapy comes in, it’s a safe environment to talk about such things without any fear.

I can contribute my fair share as well. I currently go to therapy and it all started because my parents had gone through a tragic divorce. I have gone through three years of therapy so far and I can say, I really do not know where I’d be with out it. I had I friend who has the same exact parental divorce situation as I do but she never had the opportunity to go to therapy like I did. The difference between her and I is that she turned to drugs and alcohol to solve her problems and I had therapy. Who knows? Without therapy I may have ended up just like her, ruining my still developing brain and my perfectly functioning lungs.

Call me a “good girl” but I seriously doubt that doing something bad for you physically, can possibly benefit you mentally, or fix any your problems. The only thing that will ever benefit me mentally and help fix my problems without damaging any vital organs is the power of communication with my therapist. Also going to my own therapy is the reason why I’ve chosen that I want to be therapist as my future career. Therapy can positively affect us all in a different ways but that is my personal affect from therapy. Some people may be confused on what exactly therapists do.

Therapy is designed around support, safety, trust and a ton of communication. Therapists do not only talk with clients to relive their stress but according to an article from Kidshealth “Therapists may recommend for their clients a book to read or work though and they may also suggest keeping a journal,”(Lyness). these suggestions can help a client by writing about how they feel or reading a book helpful to their current situation. Also therapists are trained to dig deep in to their client’s feelings and memories to figure out why the client is feeling the way he/she is. This article from GoodTherapy suggests, “A therapist begins to explore into the client’s more painful to access the material in the clients psyche so that new feelings and memories will surface and maybe the client will see the situation from a new perspective,”(Khaefi). The importance of the client seeing a new perspective is so that he/she might change the way they feel about the situation and hopefully cause the client to feel less pain about it.

These are just a few of the techniques that therapists use to solve the problems of their clients. In conclusion, therapy can help the teens of America to live better, healthier and have less stressful lives. I think therapy is a very important subject that isn’t discussed enough in schools and households, that needs to change by taking a stand and re-establishing our school system to fit a small but important time period for students to sit down and talk to a therapist or counselor about their feelings and problems. Therapy can influence other teenager’s lives like mine whether it is a career decision, or just better choices. It is the little things like taking the time to talk to someone about feelings and situations that can solve the problems of self-harm and abusing drugs or alcohol in teenagers.