Think About Kids

Divorce is the most delicate and contagious thorny issue in all contemporary societies of the world notwithstanding cultural background and social settings upon which it is highlighted. In the event of its occurrence, children are most likely to suffer emotional torture, experience neglect and abandonment.

In marital unions where children exist, divorce of any kind and for whatever reason must be authorized on condition that the welfare of children and safety of couples are considered otherwise the couples should stay together. Children whose parents separate after attaining the school going age suffer a lot of emotional and psychological stress. The mere thought of parents separating for life is such a horrible experience not only to children but also to teenagers and young adults. They become demoralized and exhibit a chronic withdrawal syndrome which could lead to permanent mental disorder. Porter (2010) observed that out of a sample of 20,000 kindergarteners through fifth graders, children whose parents divorced perform poorly in their academic work hence do not benefit from educational programs compared to those with both parents.

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Their ego and self-conceptualization is highly compromised on the same magnitude; they often shy off in the course of their interactions with peers. Although divorce grossly affects physiological and emotional well being of children leading to behavioral problems such as drug abuse and premature sexual ventures (Knox & Schacht 2012), the safety of the couples is of paramount importance. In cases of unending cycles of violence and abuse of any nature back at home, divorce should be authorized regardless of the children’s status because this could easily lead to loss of human life, either children or one of the couples. In summary, if the situation back at home threatens life one of the parents, then divorce should be permissible against all odds.