This I Believe Narrative Essay

“We don’t really know ourselves, what we really like, and what we want.” -Walt Disney. Walt Disney explained what I believe is a giant part of life and self-interaction. When he said this quote, I believe Walt meant to explain that opinions can change and skills can improve over time. I believe the last part of the quote means that we can go through phases, phases on what we like, and what we do to improve interactions with others.

A human never truly knows what he wants because opinions change and phases happen. One day, a brain may want or a heart may love one thing, and the next day, another. In the beginning of my eighth grade school year, I believed that I knew what kind of writer I was and what kind of writing I liked to create. Throughout the past ten months, almost every opinion I had about writing has changed. The utter fact that I believed that I could only write opinionated and persuasive essays well, still disturbs me today.

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With the pieces that I have created over the past school year, I feel now that I did not know myself back in September. A big part of my change over eight grade what was I thought I liked, like Walt Disney said, we do not know what we really like. I believe this because opinions are so easy to change over time and a ten-month period is a huge gap of time for things to change. To be specific, I felt that I only liked to write short stories or novels, even though I didn’t believe I was good at them. The first major writing piece I created this year was a poem explaining my objectives and my motive for them. Once I complete that project, I started to realize that I didn’t just like writing narratives, and I wasn’t just a good writer when I wrote persuasive pieces.

In December, I was assigned to write a twelve page screenplay. This was a huge start to my creative writing “career”. In this time I realized how I could relate other genres of writing to my favorite, creative writing. Between the screenplay and the latest project “Change In Time”, I had to create a very emotional presentation based on a theme from A Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass. Using the skills I had learned from that project, in the latest, “Change In Time” I put all of the skills of different genres into one.

I was able to put emotion, using my creativity, and was able to use some foreshadowing skills that I learned from writing the “Why I Write”. I now know that I don’t truly know myself or what I want. Not even now that I have reviewed the past year of my life, I realize that my position on topics or my desires will always change as I mature. For now, I have my wants and needs, but those will change as time moves on. Walt Disney may have wanted to explain the stages of love and marriage with that sentence, or maybe a little boy and how his desires change in the blink of an eye.

It could be placed into any context one feels fit for it. All I know, is that it relates to every man and woman’s life. It just happens that I felt a lot of connection when I thought of my writing career. No one truly knows themselves until a reflection at the very end of their lives. Then one may absolutely know of their wants after a full analysis of every desire they have had.