Thync Headbands: The Innovative Solution to Bad Days and Teenage Mood Swing

In today’s high-tech world, technological innovations have the power to control almost every single aspect of our daily lives, from our means of communication to our eating plans, and now, our own emotions.

In the past, many devices have indirectly changed users’ emotions, such as social media sites, dating apps, and fitness wristbands helping people live healthier and happier lifestyles. But recently, a company called Thync has created a headband of sorts that can directly alter the user’s mood for a short period by sending barely perceptible electrical pulses from the device into the user’s body. The $199 Thync headband, released to the public less than one year ago, has the ability to produce different “vibes” and transmit them to the user: motivation, work, unwind, and sleep. The user can choose which vibe they want and how long they want the vibe to last through the Thync headband app. Each vibe is caused by very low energy waveforms that are sent from the device through the strip it is attached to. Finally, the strips send the energy waves to nerves on the user’s head, ear, and neck.

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The energy vibes (motivation and work) function by stimulating the user’s adrenaline system within the brain. A high level of adrenaline can result in an increased heart rate, breathing level, blood pressure, and metabolism. The emotional effect of large adrenaline amounts can be compared to the sensation of splashing cold water on one’s face in the morning, having a refreshing espresso or beer, or even hugging a loved one. On the contrary, the calm vibes (unwind and sleep) function by slowing the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, and results in feelings similar to that of a soothing massage or consuming depressant drugs such as Xanax. The Thync company boasts its innovative headband’s ability to transmit feelings of energy or calm to the user whenever necessary, and they claim that the headband is a safe alternative to consuming stimulant or depressant drugs. The electric pulses sent through the user’s body are at such low energy levels that they barely perceptible, and the vibes can only run for a maximum of thirty minutes at a time (though its aftereffects can last for days).

Its materials are also biocompatible for optimum user efficiency and safety. In addition, Thync vibes have been developed over 4 years of clinical research, documentation, and trials, and have been fully approved by the FDA. The Thync team is composed of experienced neuroscientists and engineers. As of now, 1,200,000 minutes of vibes have been used by Thync headband consumers, many of whom are very content with the headband’s short-term and long-term effects. In fact, users who ran a ten-minute vibe once a day for seven days showed fewer signs of stress, improved sleep, and an overall better mood throughout the day.

Though Thync headbands are not only for a specific age group, it seems that teenagers would benefit the most from the headbands. The four years of high school that teenagers go through are some of the most demanding years of their lives, as they have to cope with school assignments and tests, rigorous sports and other extracurriculars, and the college application process. Many busy teenagers might then resort to stimulant and depressant drugs to pull all-nighters on assignments, cram for tests, or to be able to focus better in school and sports. Teenagers are notorious for their mood swings and rebellious behavior, but being a teenager truly is a challenging period of time in which many bad decisions can be made, such as the usage of drugs and steroids. Thync headbands can not only improve a bad day, but they also have the power to help teenagers safely control their emotions amidst their busy schedules.