Till this night

The red, blue, and white lights in the distance. Getting brighter to the second. I do not know what to do. Do I run? Do I hide? Or do I face my consequences? I never thought I would hurt him like that, I just couldn’t stop.

People might say actions are more important than words, but at this moment I should’ve really thought about it. Just a few days ago we were running in the park, training for our last cross country meet. Everything seemed perfect. Parents were healthy, and happy. I had the perfect girlfriend.

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Most importantly I had my best friend. Everything was going great. I did not have to think about anything, I just did what I wanted without any worry. Till this night. “I was not thinking, I’m so sorry, please don’t be gone.” I didn’t know what else to say in a moment like this.

My mind just went blank, just as it did before the accident. The cops showed up. I guess Isi will just have to face my consequences now. “Go sit in the car boy, think about what you did, you will have a lot of thinking time in the future.” I hesitantly walk to the car, thinking I will have a future.

Do not always believe when people say action are more important than thoughts. To make an action you have to think how it will effect others. Your thoughts decide your actions. In this case, a bad thought led into a life changing action.