To Kill A Mockingbird by Josh Radochonski

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Telling people that Boo Radley committed the murder of Bob Ewell is “sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird.” I believe this because Boo stays inside all of the time and no one knows anything about him. He is also like a mockingbird in that he doesn’t harm anyone or anything. Boo Radley stays inside all of the time.

He does this because he doesn’t want any part of the outside world. To suddenly put him in the spotlight for killing Mr. Ewell would be horrible for him. He would be known to everyone in town almost instantaneously. I think he would go into shock.

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No one really knows what kind of person Boo Radley is. All of their judgments are based on rumors by Miss Stephanie. Most of the rumors are pretty bad, and false, so everyone has a negative perception of Boo right off the bat. Since he is so quiet, I think he will be disliked too. If he were to go to trial, people would have an initial poor opinion of him.

I also think that Boo is like a mockingbird because he really hasn’t harmed anyone besides Mr. Ewell. He only harmed Mr. Ewell to protect the children. He didn’t just decide to kill Bob; he had a very good reason. Mockingbirds don’t do any harm; they just sing their hearts out for people to hear.

Boo saving the children was kind of like a mockingbird singing. He doesn’t do any harm, but he saved the children from disaster. In my opinion, Heck Tate, the county police officer, was justified in not accusing Boo Radley of killing Bob. Heck was smart because Boo isn’t accustomed to the outside world at all and I don’t think people would like him a lot. It would be “sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird,” in a sense.