Compassion Ties a Community Together

Compassion Ties a Community TogetherBeing compassionate means more than lending a helping hand. It means being there for everyone possible no matter their race, religion, or beliefs. Throughout the duration of this essay, I will explain how being compassionate will get a person far in life and how compassion is shown in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.In the town of Maycomb, Alabama, being compassionate is common courtesy.

Compassion is shown in many ways, whether it be in big ways, small ways, or anything in between, the people of Maycomb know how to treat one another. Not everyone knows each other, yet the people still try their best to be compassionate toward everybody. The most important lesson that this novel teaches is that family will always look out for each other. No one gets left out.In order for compassion to be shown, it doesn’t matter whether it is shown in large ways or small ways.

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In Maycomb, compassion is shown in both large ways and small ways. “Here’s a quarter,” she said to Walter. “Go and eat in town today. You can pay me back tomorrow” (25). Miss Caroline knows that Walter doesn’t have lunch so she wants to try to help him out, but Walter cannot pay her back so he doesn’t accept it.

Walter is also invited to supper by Jem and Scout. “Come to dinner with us, Walter,” he said. “We’d be glad to have you” (30). Jem and Scout realized that Walter might not have any dinner tonight, so they invite them into their home for supper. Compassion is a common thing in Maycomb.Being compassionate doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone in the community needs to know everyone on a first name basis.

Toward the end of the book, Arthur Radley saves the children from Bob Ewell who was attempting to kill them. “Thank you for my children, Arthur” (370). This was said by Atticus when the kids were brought home safely. Atticus didn’t know Arthur very well, yet he thanked him greatly for his children’s safety. Also, simply looking after your younger sibling can show a great deal of compassion.

When Jem and Scout were on their way home from the pageant, Jem was looking out for his little sister when she nearly fell off the edge of the sidewalk. “Yeah, but you might lose your balance” (348). This shows how looking after your sibling can make all the difference in their lives.Family should always look after each other no matter what. The situation shouldn’t matter. Family should always stick together.

When Jem was brought home, unconscious and with a broken arm, Atticus immediately ran to the phone and dialed. “Eula May, get Dr. Reynolds, quick!” (353). Atticus cares deeply for his children no matter what the circumstance. Scout is also very worried for her brother. She’s scared that she won’t be able to see him alive again.

Atticus knows how to reassure her. “No, Scout. Look after her, sister,” he called as he ran down the hall. (353). Scout doesn’t want to lose her big brother. Jem is her world.compassion is a common theme in the town of Maycomb, Alabama. Whether it be small acts, large acts, or just family looking after each other. Compassion should be present in every town, but sadly, that isn’t the case in today’s world. The novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, contains a community that is far from perfect, but the community has compassion. Compassion really ties a community together.