“To Kill the Mocking Bird” Movie

To kill the mocking bird is one movie that has attracted many people all over the world.

This is one movie that mainly focuses on the cultural differences that exist in our current society. It mainly addresses the racism level that exists in our world. Robinson has been used to show the kind of life the Africans lead in the Diaspora. The whites believe that their culture is superior to that of the Africans this is the reason why they intimidate them. There are different themes that have been addressed in this movie.

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They include, bravery, racism, good verses evil and social injustice. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the conflicts, symbolism, themes, irony and tone present in this movie. Conflicts There are different conflicts evident in this movie. They are both external and internal. External conflicts can be seen through the differences between the whites and the blacks. The whites believe that their culture is superior therefore should be adhered to by every individual in the society.

The Africans on the other hand believe that their culture is superior even though they are oppressed by the whites. Atticus action to defend Robinson conflicts with the expectation of the public. The public does not understand the reason why a rapist should be defended in a court of law. Atticus on the other hand believes that Robinson is an innocent creature other the hands of evil people (Jocker Recordings 1). According to Atticus every individual should be treated equally regardless of their cultural and social background.

He gets no support apart from his children who believe that their father is on the right path of defending the innocent in the society. Mayell, Bob and Robinson have a conflict due to the fact that Bob and Mayell know pretty well that Robinson is innocent. They instead insist on accusing him to be guilty of a crime of rape. Atticus has internal conflicts in the sense that, as much he is trying to defend Robinson he is sure such cases never go through in a court of law. Jury, Mayell and Bob have internal conflicts.

This is because they are the only ones who can attest to the fact that Robinson was innocent as much as they were trying hard to make him look guilty (Jocker Recordings 1). Symbolism One who has watched this movie will agree that symbolism dominates to kill the mocking bird. There are very many symbols that have been used to represent real life. The mocking bird has been used to represent innocence. The mocking bird is always innocent even though it is badly treated. His singing has never meant any harm.

It however suffers due to evil that exists in our society. There are different innocent people evident in to kill the mocking bird that suffered due to evil in the society. An example of these is Robinson and Radley. Robinson was accused falsely of committing a crime of rape even though he was guilty. His race was a major contributor to his suffering.

Atticus says that the mocking bird should not be killed because it is innocent (Jocker Recordings 1). This is evident in page 99 when he provides his child a gun and advises him not to harm the mocking bird. Radley and Robinsomnsonm are termed as mocking birds because they went through the same experiences. They are both accused of mistakes they did not commit. Most people believed that Radley was evil because he led a lonely life.

The only people who knew the truth were Scout and Jem. They argued that Radley was a lover of children who meant no harm. Robinson and Radley were both kind and innocent. Robinson was kind towards Mayell. As much as she accused him of rape he was not ready to revenge. The gun used in this movie has been used to represents harmless strength.

Atticus believes that men who use guns are cowards. The barking dog on the other hand is used to express the high level of racism present in our world. Most people have allowed cultural pride to dominate them. This means that they are not ready to embrace the cultural differences present in our society. It is clear that the world is made up of different cultures; interaction between these cultures is inevitable. The only thing that the public is advice is to embrace this cultural difference in order to ensure peaceful coexistence.

A good example is the suffering that Robinson goes through due to his race. Atticus is also used to represent rational thinkers in the society. He is the only one who seems to appreciate the need for peaceful coexistence. He deals with Robinson’s case in an intelligent manner to avoid conflict with the law. Although every one was against him he does not give up on offering his best to ensure that justice prevails in the society (Jocker Recordings 1).

Themes There are different themes that have been discussed in this movie. Thy include racism, social injustice, good verses evil and bravery. Racism is the dominating theme in this movie. It is clear that racism was the main cause of Robinsons suffering according to To kill the mocking bird. Just because he was black he was seen as evil.

This is the reason why he was accused of rape a crime he did not commit. It is through this movie we get to understand the level of cultural pride that people have. Every individual struggles to maintain the superiority of his culture to the level of intimidating others. Social injustice is also evident in this movie. There are different classes in our society. We have the rich and the poor (Jocker Recordings 1).

The rich are considered as individuals from a high social class. In most cases they tend to intimidate the poor who are from low social class. This is the same case with Robinson, him being an African is an indication of low social class. This is the reason he suffers under the hands of the rich who are the whites. Another theme is bravery.

The act of Atticus standing and defending Robinson was brave. As much as every one was against this, he was ready to ensure that justice prevails (Jocker Recordings 1). Irony There are different ironical scenes that have been addressed in the movie to kill the mocking bird. It was quite ironical that the judgge called out Ewells names. This was an indication that he was from Lee’s family. It is clear that the cultural pride evident in Lees family is what cause its downfall.

It was quite ironical that even after Atticus struggles to save Robinson his case did not win. When the Cuninghams came to kill Robinson Atticus requested not to do it because he was sleeping. It is quite ironical for them to heed to the commands of Atticus. It is expected that they would have killed him without heeding to his advice (Jocker Recordings 1). Tone There are different tones that have been discussed in to kill the mocking bird. They include happiness, anger and humor.

Scout is used to represent a naive tone. The whites are happy when they oppress the poor.Joseph Campbell was able to provide a sequence of different actions from different stories. This combination can also be termed as Monomyth. He mainly focused on the adventure of heroes. According to him there are different qualities or experiences that an individual goes through for him to be termed as a hero.

A hero has to go through separation, initiation and finally return. The main aim of all heroes’ is to offer the bests in everything they do. Their desire is to ensure that they achieve a richer tradition. They can only achieve all this after they are fully prepared for the task ahead of them. This means that they should be able to fully understand their role as heroes. One has to be prepared for anything.

Campbell tries to convince his readers that being a hero is a calling (Moyers and Campbell 31). Not every one was born a hero. Heroes are called to perform different tasks for instance to die for the sake of the community, saving people, understand historical events and living according to the communities’ expectation. One cannot be fully crowned as a hero if he or she cannot perform these tasks. Trials in a hero’s adventure are inevitable. It is through these trials that one becomes conscious.

Economic, spiritual, and political temptations are some of the challenges that heroes encounter during their adventure. A hero has to also go through a transformation. This transformation is achieved after one has ventured into different emotional and psychological lands. One has to accept pain, joy and banalities that come with the title of being a hero. It is only through this that a hero’s adventure is complete (Moyers and Campbell 64). Conclusion The main focus of to kill the mocking bird is racism.

Racism seems to be the major contributor towqars the social injustice in our society today. Robinson is used to represent the blacks that suffer under the whites. In order to secure cultural superiority, each and every community does everything in their power to intimidate others. This is the same thing that happens with Robinson, he has no friend apart from Atticus. Atticus believes that Robinson is innocent and he deserves justice. The main reason why to kill the mocking bird has attracted many people are the themes, symbols and the style used.