Trap of Gold

This story will be about the “Trap Of Gold”Hw In conclusion, “Trap of Gold” by Louis L’Amour shows the old saying “money makes the world go.”wetherton finds the gold at the end of the alluvial fan. Then Wetherton starts to climb the mountain.

He finds an ominous crack in the need consumes Wetherton. After greed takes control, Wetherton mines the tower until it groans in instability mountain, and decides to explore it. In the mountian he discovers a large tower with the base being embedded with gold. He makes a quartz path for a quick escape, then begins to mine for gold. but Despite the roar of the mountian, Wetherton pursues for the final bag.

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He was almostready As Wetherton finishes collecting his gold, the mountian collapses and he barely escapes with his life.but he chooses to stop out of commitment to them as well. Just when the circumstances climax to extreme danger when the batholith is foreshadowing collapse) Wetherton realizes that seeing his family again is more valuable than any amount of gold. By gambling with his life for his spouse and his child, his heartfelt loyalty emerges. He becomes happy by discovering this mine in the outback.Wetherton defeats his greed and rides off into the sunset with the golf for his family At one point money isn’t that important in life.

In conclusion, “Trap of Gold” by Louis L’Amour shows the old saying “money makes the world go”If you think about it, then thats actually true money does make the world go,money isnt that important in life.Money gives you freedom,but it douesnt give you wealth and love.So to be succefullyou dont always need money to be succesfull,the three things you need is what i listed and that is better then money.