Tummy Tale!!

“yumm!” I heard her say as her sharp white teeth crunched down onto me. I’m in the beginning stage of the Digestive System. I will be turned in to many, many things. In the end you will have learned about the Digestive System, all the parts of it, and the steps to digestion. Right now I’m in the first part of the Digestive System.

I am being mechanically broken down. Mixing with your saliva, I’m turning in to a liquid easier for you to sallow with the help of an enzyme known as amylase. Okay so now its time to sallow me. With the help of your tounge, I will slide down your esophagus. I pass your hangy ball, the scientific name for this gland is the uvula.

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Oh yeah! I am a taco! Okay so back to what I was saying! Im soaring down your esophagus, to your stomach. While in your stomach I will be broken down again, this time chemically, by the acid in your stomach. What protects your stomach from this harsh acid your wondering , well a layer of mucus. Okay it’s been about 4 hours or so, and I am no longer that yummy taco you grabbed with Chelsea. I am a liquid called chyme. As I pass threw to your small intestine (7 meters long) I pass your pancreas, and an enzyme come and attaches it’s self to me.

Breaking down the starches, proteins, and fats in me. My protein gets absorbed into your blood stream by little finger like ileum. Little blood vessels called capillaries, carry the protein to the rest of your body. Now I am being pushed into your large intestine (1.5 meters long). As I am in your large intestine I will be drained of all water.

The water enters your blood stream. When the blood has enough water the extra water becomes lymph, but that’s a whole other system. It’s been a few days, and I meet up with the french fries you grabbed with Isaiah, the pizza you got with your mom, and the breakfast you had. I am now in the last stage of your digestive system. I’ve seen your white sharp teeth, your hanging uvula, your long esophagus, your harsh stomach acid, your enzyme making pancreas, your bile (bile- a suptance that breaks up fat particals) producing liver, your bile storing gull bladder, threw your small intestine where I got all my protein and fats and startches elimiated. Also threw your large intestine (where I am now).

All that needs to happen is peristalsis, the movement (contracting) of the intestines, to move me out of your body. Now your ready for the toilet. Now I’m passing your rectum and out your anus, into the toilet we all fall… FLUSH!