Free Essay on Twixt Passion and Ability: I Am Confused

Here I am,in a class of over fifty students.

On one hand I am into sciences,on the other,I love a lot of art work.People often get confused.In choosing their career,they mix up talents,skills,passion,interest and ability.Some people are just all-rounders.Both two outstanding things in choosing career are:Passion and Ability. Passion contains interest and love for a particular thing.

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Ability contains skills,etc.But in choosing our future careers,what do hold onto-Passion or Ability? In my opinion,it is passion.If there is love and interest for a particular thing,then ability can always be gotten.But if the love and hunger for a particulare thing isn’t there,ability is useless. But what happens in a situation whereyou are studying a particular type of thing you have passion for yet you still have passion for the other ,what do you do?Simple,add ability.That’s what I was going through.I love science and I am okay and going with it but,I also love arts and co..People made me feel I wasn’t on the right track because I showcased my artistic abilities more through poems,essays,etc.But there was nothing scientific I could showcase.I just realised that if I followed what people say out of fear,I will be ruined.People will always talk.But listen to yourself deep down inside.Becausethe truth will always speak somewhere deep down inside.Just listen