Two Heads Are Better than One

Mother Teresa once said, “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.” Nobody can be perfect. Each person has their own shortcomings and talent and nobody is the same.

Even identical twins have very different in their interest or passion, though their physical features look exactly the same. Therefore, since nobody is perfect nor the same, teamwork becomes essential and beneficial in people’s everyday lives. Teamwork lets each individual fill up the flaws other members in their team have by contributing unique talents of their own. On the short run it might not be evident, but in the long run people can see all the benefits of teamwork clearly. In the end, teamwork yields solutions of higher quality, creates productivity, and produces efficiency when collaborating with the team.

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First of all, brainstorming ideas with partners yields solutions of higher quality. This leads to more options to choose from which allows people to choose the best one possible. Google, one of the most successful companies in the world, successfully demonstrates that having more than one idea leads to a bigger success. Created by the collaboration of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, more than “1.2 trillion people access Google every year”, according to Internet Live Stats.

On the other hand, Naveen Jain founded a search engine called Infospace, once known as an internet giant, but not as popular as it had been in the past as it lost its users. Now, Infospace “does not even reach one percent” in its industry. These two companies, Google and Infospace, both became very popular among the users but only Google remains popular. The success of Google is the result of teamwork. Google emerged after the contribution of two diverse ideas from two StanFord students while Infospace struggled after only one person’s idea. Though one person’s idea may be brilliant at the time, on the long run it cannot be denied that collaborative work produces higher-quality work. Secondly, teamwork allows delegation which creates more productivity. When a team divides their work, each individual can concentrate and perfect on their own assigned area without having to worry about doing more than needed. Moreover, the team can produce more higher quality work when their members get assigned to a specific part that they are more confident with.

One example to delineate this is a team sport such as soccer. Barcelona, a Spanish soccer team, consists of many talented players, such as Messi. Divided into many positions like midfielder or goalkeeper, the talented eleven players work together by playing their positions. With the delegation, even though the players can do less work, the team as a whole can still complete their work. Football Database stated that Barcelona ranked 1st in the world ranking, continental ranking, and the national ranking. This shows that as a team, they can delegate the work so each member can contribute equal amounts of work to their team.

Delegation creates synergy effect for each member in a team cannot complete a task unless all of their delegated parts are combined into one. Lastly, collaboration shortens the time spent on a specific task. Multiple people can do far more than just one person doing all the work, which allows the group to complete their task faster than a single person. During the Industrial Revolution, Ford Motor Company invented the assembly lines. Assembly lines are a series of workers and machines in a factory by which a succession of identical items gets progressively assembled.

This method allowed Ford Motor Company to produce a large amount of goods in a short period of time. Ford Motor Company built more cars than all the other automakers combined at the time. By the time Ford built his 10 millionth car, 50 percent of all cars in the world were made by the Ford Motor Company. When compared to a single person who had to do all the task on his own, it is evident that multiple people working together produces a more efficient way of completing a task. In conclusion, a person benefits more as an individual and as a team when working in a group to achieve a task than working individually.

One individual has limited resources, talent, and effort to successfully complete a task which makes the time spent on the task drag on. However, as multiple people work together, they can complete a much more greater task with less effort and less time. When in a team, the people can achieve more and produce more exceptional work in a short amount of time. One individual can do amazing things on his own. However, when all of these individuals gather around and form a team, they will become formidable, strong, and unstoppable. Like the statement everyone in the world says: “the more, the merrier”.