Understanding Is Hard When We Are Overworked

It’s hard to take the term overworking seriously, but when it comes to the developing mind of young adults, it should be. Teachers often expect students to complete all of their homework, no matter how long it takes; students have more than one class a day, so the amount of homework assigned should be reduced. Present day, we’re developing new resources, and they’re becoming more overwhelming for students; if we want progress, we need limitations.

It’s known that there’s essentials to education, but if schools are constantly stressing out the students, it’ll be harder for them to learn effectively. Teenagers nowadays are being exposed to excessive amounts of homework, and as Stanford research reports, “Students in these schools average about 3.1 hours of homework each night”. Another factor that affects this outcome is understanding; if the students don’t understand, the longer their assignment takes. Since students are sacrificing their free time for homework, they don’t experience life outside of school as a result.

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However, I believe if they’re only given assignments in a classroom – an environment where they could receive help from their teacher, students will gain more free time while becoming more successful and less stressed out.