Essay on Unearthing Your Own Balance Free Essay

We’ve all experienced those seemingly endless school nights, filled to the brim with exhaustion and pure indifference.

Sitting at ones desk, attempting to stay awake and alert whilst doing homework, but not being able to abstain from the sweet sensation of sleep, happens to be a scenario most high school students encounter more often then they would like. Of course, the extensive hours of homework and studying, both given by teachers and required to do well in school, play a very large role in the run-of-the-mill after hours situation. However, is homework the sole reason as to why students expend most of their night awake? For many, the answer is contingent on factors such as electronics and technology, yet for others, the response revolves around the topic of extra-curriculars, and the balance between academics and after school activities. Most, if not all, high school students grow up participating in some type of hobby. Whether it be playing little league baseball on the weekends, or engaging in chess club after school, the instilment of pursuing ones interests has and always will be a large part of childhood. These inculcations tend to adhere to our daily routines, especially when immersed in the stressful, adolescent lifestyle of high school.

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Nevertheless, many individuals argue the fact that as academic tasks increase in difficulty and duration, extracurricular activities must fall by the wayside, as they are not needed, and simply lack any and all importance. As a cross-country runner, journalism devotee and violin aficionado, I beg to differ with those who minimize the significance of after school activities. Despite the fact that there are a plethora of reasons as to why involvement in happenings outside of the normal course of study are important, the most critical, imperative point to understand, is that sports, clubs and general meetings, not only help generate friendships, but also assist in giving students time to enjoy each others company. Although attending school is merely centered on education and the overall substance of learning, it is also an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge on their surroundings, which include varying types of people, atmospheres and personalities. If students were to completely suspend their involvement in after-school activities, it would not only be very hard to pursue ones general interests, but also difficult for one to relieve him or herself of stress.

Participating in a team sport or after school club are two considerable ways for students to unwind after a long, seven-hour day of classes. Moreover, regardless of the fact that a balance between academics and interests is something most students long for, finding that equilibrium is extremely tough, as additional aspects continuously interfere with day-to-day teenage life. Despite the fact that progression through high school directly correlates to an increase in schoolwork and pressure, many students sometimes choose to settle on one route as opposed to the other. In every educational institution, there are invariably, students who devote a substantial amount of time to sports, or a single sport, that they feel very passionate about. In most cases, this zeal assists students in obtaining a scholarship, or recognition, for their stupefying talent, however, in all cases, this vigor differentiates one student from the other.

Although student flair, especially within Bahrain School, covers a wide array of abilities, it is imperative to remember that each and every interest is not only an outlet, but also a door to a multitude of experiences. From playing an instrument to excelling in one or more types of physical activity, one should never have to choose between academics or extra curricular activities, unless he or she wants too. The balance that we’ve all heard of may seem comfortable and at ease, especially once achieved, but its not something all students must acquire in order to attain success. For those who recently entered high school, and for those who might be graduating this year, discovering stability is purely an internal preference that cant be picked apart by anyone other than yourself. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it and gnaw it still.”