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I’m taking this class to get my credit and increase the chance of me getting out of high school. I’m not quite sure if I’m capable of doing so.

I find this obstacle extremely difficult. I am very easily side tracked which doesn’t help at all. And I suck at math so that makes it a tad bit more complicated. I have dreams in life. Dreams that I want to make come true, but cannot do so without my high school diploma. Why do we even have to pass the taks to get out? That’s only complicating getting out of high school.

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So many students have things they want to do, careers they want to pursue, but the State of Texas says we must pass the taks test to graduate (or should I say escape in EHS’s case). Learning should be fun, and teachers should be patient and willing to do to whatever it takes to help students understand, But Eldorado’s High school is too concentrated on Dress Code and things of that sort. So we like to feel comfortable and express ourselves through our clothing. Does it matter as long as we’re learning? Is it honestly that much of a problem to go out of your way to get a student written up? I know that I am young and that I don’t see this from a teacher’s or a parent’s point of view. But whenever we(I say we because I am sure I’m not alone) try to explain it to a teacher, principle, counselor, or parent majority of the time you cut us off if it is not something you want to hear, or you’re busy. When you take a look at today’s teens you judge him/her and never take the time to see what he/she is about.

The things they wanted to do in life but never got the chance because no one would listen, or take time to explain and help understand, most adults fail to see this, but as a teenager. I see their struggle, and feel their pain. You say you want the best for you kids, and students, but in order to want what’s best for someone I believe that it is necessitated to know that person. The thing that irritates me most is when a teacher tells you “You’re smarter than this.”! How do you know, if you don’t know the student? I understand that we are required to put in effort, but shouldn’t teachers meet us half way.

I’m also aware that some students could care less if they graduate, but that is a choice they make on their own, But I however want to graduate and move forward with my life.