Verbal & nonverbal communication

Introduction: Communication is vital for self expression and for the first impression. The quotation is not wrong that “first impression is the last impression”. It suggests that the exposition of personality of one person through communication to others ultimately develops the personality understanding among the people. There are two ways to communicate, one is verbal communication and the other is non verbal communication. Each form of communication is equally important and tells the endowment and personal worth. Hereinafter, the actual personal wealth is worthful verbal and non verbal communication.

Literature review: The authors and scholars has been separated the verbal and nonverbal communication. The verbal communication defined by the scholars is about the linguistic ability or skill to expression oneself. On the other hand, the non linguistic, bodily or nonverbal communication is about to impress your peers, associates or professional affiliates with one self’s clothing, gesture and posture and body language. However, both constituents are equaled important to have best standing in the society. According to Murphy, Hildebrandt & Thomas communication is a two-way process whic allows people to exchange their thoughts, feelings or ideas towards reciprocally established goals (1997). And according to the Andersen the gestures and postures exercised by the men and women to express their feelings and ideas to their peers.

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Moreover, the pets sometime can express their feelings more effectively than the words of a human (2004). Therefore, verbal and non verbal both are the vital part and partial of the personality of a human being. Why is it important for an individual to be concerned about the way they dress when speaking in public (Civilian and Military)?Communication is about a complete exposition of oneself to the people. Therefore, it is damn important to dressing up when speaking to the public. The public orators of any type civilian or military have great concerns about their dressing. Because, if one have good verbal communication skill but do not possess gesture, posture, clothing and or body language then he is missing part and partial of perfect communication.

Therefore, verbal and nonverbal; linguistic and body language is equal important for public speaking not only for the civilians but also for military persons. Have any of them been dressed inappropriately? According to my experience no one of civilian or military men, women are dressed up inappropriately when they speak publicly. Because, it is a part of their speech, they have to synchronize their linguistics with their body language. Therefore, I have no experience to witness any of them dressed up inappropriately. Was their clothing a distraction to their presentation? In my opinion the clothing by the persons whom I witnessed was not caused any distraction to their presentation.

Because, they were well dressed and their dresses were exposed their personality quite well as well as supporting their body language. Hence, I think there was an element of attraction than distraction in the presentation of the people whom I witnessed. Conclusion: At the end, importance of verbal as well as non verbal communication is explored. Moreover, the essentialness of each constituent of communication is also highlighted in the paper. Therefore, in the light of personal experience, it is now quite clearly identified that the verbal and nonverbal communication is equal important. Hence, if anyone civilian or military person do not posses any of the constituent of communication.

He cannot be called an excellent orator.