Video Software and Google Latitude

The rapid development of computer technologies and PC software allowed home-users to become professionals in their hobbies and jobs. The interesting fact is that people can apply one software for different purposes like it is with Windows Movie Maker. The simple program was originally created for making slideshows and short videoclips.

Now it can be successfully applied in studying process as well, especialy at foreigh language lessons. On the one hand this software allows making video of the lessons with critical purpose: teachers pay attention at their teaching methodics and investigate whether it is sufficient or not. Also they can survey the process of learning the language and admit the current progress, especially when it is focused on practicing of pronunciation and oral skills of students. Using Windows Movie Maker the teacher gets the possibility to monitor the results of learning and make corrections if it is necessary. On the other hand this software allows creating interesting slideshows and presenting the linguistic information in the most captivating and interesting way which increases students’ interest to the subject.

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The traditional reading of the information from the textbooks is believed to be not so effective because people acquire information not only through words and letters. Pictures, sounds and even feelings that appear when a person larns something are quite important because they increase the level of information one memorizes.The Khan Academy was a first school which considered the possibility and benefit of using videomaterials while teaching. Approach which was an experiment at first has brought good results. Information presented through the video caused good emotions on people studying boring subjects. This fact proved the idea that the important point in teaching is not what information does a student acquire but in what way does he/she do it? The interesting presentation makes even the most difficult material be simpler.

Video software is able to resolve this problem by providing quality product which can be applied during the studying process and reveal good results. The experts of the Khan Academy have proved that videomaterials helped to save much time and considerably facilitated learning information even for autists. This fact is quite significant for social adaptation of autists as this method increases the opportunity for such people to learn and improve themselves. Moreover, this approach can be easily applied for students of different age groups studying different subjects. This is very important because it is well-known fact that older people make more efforts and spend more time to learn something new. In all these cases the use of videoo software brings a positive result.

Another example of useful software is Google Latitude. This application created specially for cell-phones allows to identify the current location of a user anytime. This new feature of Google Maps enlarges the limits of communication. The simple menu of this application gives the opportinity to see the location and even occupation of one’s dear friends and relatives. However, this feature keeps privacy of every user and prevents illegal spying for everyone.

Many parents have approved this application as it helps to keep track of their child and ensure that everything is ok with him/her. Professionally this software can be successfully used while tracking employees of a company during their businness trips. However, such actions should not contradict company’s policy and offend human rights. Private investigator can also use Google Latitude while one’s shadowing for somebody. To sum it up it should be pointed out that there is a lot of useful software that can be applied in many areas.

Several researches provide the evidence that video software can be applied during the studying process when it brings positive results. The most important point is to be remembered: no software use should bring any harm to other people, only benefits.