Vietnam War Vs Iraq War

Policy The objectives of the Vietnam War were containment and credibility (Brigham, 12).

It was the ideal that if communism spread, it would put they American way of life endanger. The government believes in the domino theory, this was the fear that leads to Vietnam (Brigham, 3). The US Government decides to help South Vietnam with funding, and in fighting. The way the government went with the war, did really help. This leads to the credibility of the government.

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The aim of the war was containment, preservation, credibility (Brigham, 12). The US wanted to show the world that they care to help, and that they were doing it for the right reason. In reality they reason the war happen was to me was to show the strong the government is. They want to make sure that everyone knew US was the leaders of the free world. The Government loss it credibility with its own people, because the people felt that there wasn’t really any progressive with the war (Brigham 114).

The objectives of the Iraq War, were promoting democracy and to stop terrorism (Brigham 13). Promoting democracy the US felt that everyone want to be like them. The administration believes that democracy alone was more than enough to save Iraq; they didn’t work on the economical or the social aspect of the country. (Brigham 69).To stops terrorism it was outline in the Bush Doctrine (Brigham 14). It state “We will defend the peace by fighting terrorists and tyrant” (Brigham 14).

This meaning that the US was fighting an enemy that they had no idea who it was. After many years the American people got to the point that they didn’t want to fight any more for the same reason as Vietnam. With both war I feel that the objective and method used failed. I feel that both wars were more for the government stand point. To me the wars had a way to make the US the leaders in the world. For example the Iraq was the first attack on American solider since WWII.

So I feel that we went to war to show that we are not afraid. Work cited Brigham, Robert K. Iraq, Vietnam and the Limits of American Power. New York: Public Affairs, 2008. Print.