Vocab In Context Questions and Strategies for SAT Reading

This is a daunting story about an abject old man whose requisitions made him wealthy but also forlorn. As a youth his life was fraught with anxiety and despondent treatment from his family. Isolated, he wallowed in his destitute self despair, which encouraged his spiteful nature and a need to become affluent. As he grew he gained an interest in making all those around him as unhappy as he was.

Fueled by his dilapidated feelings he found him self in a redoubtable job in no time, he became an auditor.

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His primary job was to go from place to place and collect unpaid taxes, if not he would get to close their business or make requisitions of your belongings and domicile. This was of course a suitable job for someone who wanted to make other people miserable, and any attempts to pacify or allay him were dismissed with his abhorring smile.

He was very famous for this smile, so famous in fact it was a well known joke among people who knew him that his smile could even assuage a feral dog. Once, on very quite winter day the old man was seen making his way down the austere street in what was considered one of the least wealthy parts of town. He dressed very formidably but that was overlooked by that nasty smile he held on his face.

This was when he was struck by a lightning bolt wiping that dirty smile right off his face. By Zachary Clementz