Wall-Mart is the most successful retailer in the WORLD

Societal Expectations have continued to increase more rapidly then business’ actual performance in addressing social problems. ” Wall-Mart is the most successful retailer in the WORLD. It is doing GREAT in business performance, but society is also expecting more – socially and environmentally.

This is why there are conflicting perceptions of Wall-Mart. Stakeholders (society’s expectations) have varying needs and increasing expectations of what a company should provide (business actual social performance).

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Over time (per this diagram) cuisines has been increasingly responsive to the demands of society, but the expectations of society (due to increasing affluence, education, entitlement mentality, rights, and media: all discussed in the text) have been increasing at an even greater rate. Wall-Mart is doing socially responsible activities, but today’s stakeholders are expecting them to do even more. My recommendation is for Wall-Mart to strategically address these concerns through improved working conditions and increased environmental programs for LONG TERM continued success and to proactively address the concerns of societal expectations.

Pros (from the company’s view point): Wall-Mart has a very successful business model based on it’s size and profitability. It has been acknowledged as one of the “most admired companies”. It is achieving world wide expansion (90+ countries). It serves millions of customers per week and employees thousands. Cons: Currently Wall-Mart is battling several lawsuits.

They have inspired many irate activists (AY Norton), and several cities have issued permit denials not allowing Wall-Mart to locate in their towns.