Walt Disney Leadership

Walt Disney is famously known for founding Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney World, and Walt Disney Land. Few people know that before there was the Disney we know and love today, there were many trials and tribulations. Disney got through all of this with all of his impeccable leadership skills. Perseverance: Regardless of how many times he was knocked down he always managed to pick himself back up.

His first real set back being when he unknowingly sold the rights to his first animation “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” to Mintz distribution. Not only did Mintz take his animation, they also took Ub Iwerks, Walt’s best animator. Disney easily could’ve given up. He was broke, no animator, and no animations. Instead he moved on to his next business venture. Ambition: Most people wouldn’t have dared to risk what little they had to start a business during the Depression.

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Walt risked it all to start Walt Disney Studios. Miraculously his gamble worked. He believed in something so he went after it. Learning from Mistakes: After his incident with Mintz he had learned his lesson. Disney would not sell the rights of Mickey Mouse, and gets a lawyer to help him negotiate with Ub Iwerks and Pat Powers.

Powers was interested in promoting Disney’s animations.Disney showed growth and was not discouraged by his mistakes. Innovation: Disney was the first person to ever have a color cartoon. He held this title for two whole years. Disney did something no one had ever done. His cartoons were now released in Technicolor.

Planning Ahead: Disney had many projects going on all the time. Many different movies, ideas to expand his company, short animations, even the famous amusement parks. He would spend time on each thing to make sure it got done the right way: Instead of rushing through all the projects. He would give himself enough time to get it all done. Hard Working: Disney didn’t stop.

He was always thinking of something new and always very involved. He tried over and over, and failed over and over, to get his business up and running. No amount of failure stopped him. His work ethic is something we all should look up to. Make an Impact: As the company grew Disney started to get a lot of attention.

His short animations called “Silly Symphonies” were very influential during the Great Depression and both World Wars. Sometimes even used as propaganda films. Disney Animation classes began being taught at universities. Mickey Mouse became recognized in every civilized country. Walt didn’t know what he was getting himself into.