Waterford Technologies Press Release

Mayo County Council uses MailMeter to defend contract dispute…Mayo, Ireland, Monday, 21 November 2005..

.Mayo County Council has recently resolved a disagreement over a contract dispute through the use of a locally developed email archive and retrieval solution. Mayo County Council installed Waterford Technologies’ Mailmeter Archive this year and the ability to determine whether an email had been sent or not was responsible for the swift resolution of the conflict.Pat Carroll, head of information systems at Mayo County Council stresses that he did not install Mailmeter as a means of resolving conflict but that this has been a serendipitous byproduct of the solution. ;We were first introduced to MailMeter some five years ago by EuroKom, a reseller for the Waterford Technologies product, who were delivering an outsourced email scanning service to us.

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At that stage we were looking for a tool to manage our increasingly unwieldy email traffic and the concomitant issues surrounding storage. With up to 40 offices across the county, supporting some 800 people, and all operating over a Wide Area Network (WAN), we needed email management software as a priority.;Mayo County Council covers a wide geographical area with six principle offices and upwards of 40 sub regional offices. The headquarters is located in Castlebar where the main servers and communications rooms arelocated. Carroll manages a team of 20 IT professionals which looks after all IT infrastructure for the council including networks, databases, internet development and special projects.

Some ten years ago, EuroKom, the leading provider of managed corporate email services in Ireland, first began to provide ISP services to the council and it was through this connection that Waterford Technologies first presented its solutions to Carroll and the rest of the council in 2000. At that stage, sheer volume of traffic of email and attachmentswere causing headaches to Carroll and his team.;Aside from the cost of storage, there was also the issue of retrieving mail that had been accidentally deleted before it was backed up,; says Carroll. ;And of course the increasing proliferation of email that might be deemed to be inappropriate. It was timely that we were introduced to the MailMeter product for no similar systems were available at the time and as a result it also helped us shape our own appropriate computer usage policy for the council: five years ago we were definitely ahead of other organisations in that regard.;Aside from the features and benefits offered by Mailmeter, we also found it simple to use and very thorough.

For example, if an employee comes to us complaining about lack of email mailbox size, we are very quickly able to determine what is eating up the space; and with Mailmeter we often find the ‘storage’ eaters are sometimes non work related emails containing jokes or picture jokes.;MailMeter Archive was installed four months ago in Mayo County Council. MailMeter Archive is an advanced solution that captures incoming, outgoing and internal company emails and stores them in a separate location from the corporate email server for whatever period is desired. It can also capture email from existing email systems and any external PST files. Its intelligent indexing offers a fast search capability tofind any information required.

Brian Lynch, sales director of EuroKom, who worked closely with Waterford Technologies to deliver the MailMeter Archive solution to Pat Carroll, believes that this new product is especially suited to Local Authorities. ;When we were first shown MailMeter Archive we immediately saw the huge potential it offered to the particular email challenges that Local Authorities have. Quite often, IT officers who already had previous versions of MailMeter would ask for additional features that would help them with compliance, data protection and archiving issues. With the release of MailMeter Archive we knew that most of these requirements could be met.;Brendan Nolan, CEO of Waterford Technologies, comments on the background behind the new Archiving module, ;Many of our existing customers wanted an archiving solution to accompany the current email reporting (MailMeter Insight) and advanced email content searching solution (MailMeter Forensic). We have achieved this through MailMeter Archive which sets a new standard for email archiving.

With its comprehensive detailed searching capabilities it makes the retrieval of information available almost instantaneously.;MailMeter Archive is critical in litigation support, allowing corporate lawyers find emails quickly and easily. However, regulation is only a minimum starting point. Email is a strategic business asset and MailMeter Archive allows for the analysis of the usage across a range of criteria.;MailMeter Archive not only provides a complete and secure archive, but also gives organisations deep insight into email content, attachments and interaction patterns between users over time and offers the immediate benefit of email server storage reductions. The capability of the product to provide Business Intelligence makes this the next generation archiving solution,; says Nolan.

Carroll quickly found a practical use for the Archive function when there was disagreement between an officer in the council and an external contractor. ;A dispute arose which hinged on whether or not an email had been sent, with one party claiming to have sent it and the other denying receiving same. Mailmeter archive was able to prove conclusively that the email had been sent and the disagreement was settled quickly and without recourse to legal intervention.;What this episode taught us is that email is now recognised as just as legal and binding as paper and that both sides need to have access to mail, deleted or not, to conduct business on a daily basis,; saysCarroll.MailMeter Archive also offers impressive desktop productivity aids.

It allows users to search and retrieve their own email in the archive, enabling the overall organisation to reduce the size of the email store since users can find any email they ever sent or received. The email reporting capability offers over 40 reports that analyse email and attachments with a unique drill down reporting capability into the information in the Archive that generates business value.Nolan concludes, ;MailMeter Archive is the latest component of the MailMeter product family, which is competitively priced and easy to install and use. We guarantee MailMeter Archive will provide you with the comfort of knowing all of your email data is stored securely and available for you to retrieve at any given time;.